These are the wildest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023

Ok, the glow up is real


Every year, transformations from the cast of Love Island get posted, and the 2023 Islanders are just the same. They’ve had old pictures resurface, from way before their glitz and glam villa lives.

This year, a lot of the Islanders have been really open about previously having cosmetic surgery and work done, to prep for the famous villa. But, aside from that, most of their dramatic glow-ups come from ditching 00s makeup trends or the guys growing facial hair. A beard truly works magic.

Here is a rundown of the wildest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023.

Tanyel Revan

The biggest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023

via ITV / Jam Press

When Tanyel entered the Love Island villa, old photos of her surfaced and she was very open about cosmetic surgery she had done before being on the show. She spent around £5k on work, including  cheek filler, lip filler, jaw filler and Botox. She also had a chin fat dissolving procedure, and semi-permanent make-up applied to her lips and eyebrows.

On top of this, a London clinic shared a video of Tanyel getting a Brazilian bum lift, apparently back in February 2021. The post says the results of the procedure, which is non-surgical, include “perky booty”, “lifted booty” and “cellulite reduction”.

Jessie Wynter

via ITV / Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Way before her Love Island UK and Australia days, Jessie looked really different. During her time on the Aus show, she spoke about cosmetic work, joking about how expensive surgery before the show had been for her to get. Jessie had a boob job when she was much younger, and has since spoken about regretting having the procedure done.

In 2021, Jessie had a nose job to fix a previous break. Whilst in this surgery, Jessie requested the doctor also add a “little dip” to her nose, to slightly adjust its shape. Her lips also appear fuller now than they were in older photos.

Tom Clare

via ITV / Instagram @tomclare__

In photos posted to Instagram, Tom looks so different. He’s pictured with his sister, looking much less stacked than he is now, and his baby face without a beard is virtually unrecognisable. The haircut is something else, too. In a video posted to TikTok sharing the picture of Tom, people have been questioning if he might have had cheek fillers.

Olivia Hawkins

The biggest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023

via ITV / YouTube

Olivia has been spotted in countless TV shows since she entered the Love Island 2023 villa – and some of these clips from her early career have shown she’s had one of the wildest transformations of the lot.

Olivia went on a speed dating challenge with Love Island season four bombshell, Jack Fowler. In an ad with FootAsylum, Olivia was one of a number of girls who went on a date with Jack, Chunkz, Yung Filly and Harry Pinero, and had them battle to win her over.

The video was posted in 2019, and see her sporting some very old-school makeup trends. I have nothing but respect for the dark, thick eyebrows and equally dark eyeshadow. At the time, it was a real statement.

Ron Hall

via ITV / Instagram

In pictures shared on Instagram, Ron looks totally different too. It’s the hair! Before now I couldn’t even imagine Ron with long hair, but here we are.

Lana Jenkins

The biggest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023

via ITV / Instagram @lanajenkinss

Lana just looks loads younger in her older photos. She has much darker eyebrows, and remember when we all wanted to dye our hair grey or purple? Lana was clearly right there with us.

Casey O’Gorman

via ITV / Instagram @caseyogorman

Guys, Casey’s hair naturally isn’t at all like his signature long brown locks in the villa. He’s naturally ginger, and looked so different in old pictures. There are pictures of him with a blonde buzzcut, his natural ginger hair and bleached hair. I’m shook?!

Claudia Fogarty

via ITV / Instagram @claudiafogarty

Claudia’s Instagram is FULL of throwback pictures, and she looks completely different. For a start, her blonde hair is nowhere to be seen.

Claudia is one of a few Love Island 2023 cast members who have openly had work done specifically for their time on the show. Claudia’s doctor shared all about the work she had done, and apparently Claudia spent around £2,500 on procedures to her face. Her doctor said she had anti-wrinkle injections, as well as jawline filler and cheek filler.

Zara Lackenby-Brown

via ITV / Instagram @itszaradeniz

Zara clearly had a big ol’ Love Island makeover, as old pictures resurfaced, and she had totally different hair and was much less glam than what we saw her looking like when she came strutting into the villa.

In old pictures on Instagram, Zara can be seen way before her Love Island days, sporting different hair colours, different makeup vibes, and contact lenses which make her look like a totally different person.

Aaron Waters

The biggest transformations from the cast of Love Island 2023

via ITV / Love Island Australia

This is just a PSA to say when Aaron was on the Australian version of the show, he was bleach blonde! Ok!

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