Someone’s found loads of old pictures of Love Island’s Casey, and I’m shook

He’s naturally ginger!

Someone on TikTok has shared loads of old pictures of Casey O’Gorman before his Love Island days, and his glow up is real.

Sharing the pictures in a timeline, Casey gets gradually older in the video, until it reaches his villa promo picture representing what he looks like now. The video claims the pictures are from all the way back in 2012, but if you actually see when they were originally posted by Casey, they go back to 2014, when the 26-year-old would have been 17.


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The pictures are all from his Instagram, which he has left full of pictures from years ago. Posting the oldest photo in 2014, Casey captioned it: “Ginger days.” In his old pictures you can see Casey is naturally ginger, and he’s replied to someone in the comments saying he’s “tried to make it my natural colour again” after bleaching his hair.

Old pictures of Casey O'Gorman before Love Island 2023

via Instagram @caseyogorman

He’s shared some old pictures of himself on nights out and playing rugby, all where he looks completely different to the guy in the Love Island 2023 villa right now.

A much more recent photo, from 2020, shows Casey with a girl, and he has a blonde buzz cut. People in the comments on his Instagram and the TikTok post have shared they love Casey with his blonde buzz cut, and think he should give this cut a go again. I’d back it.

Old pictures of Casey O'Gorman before Love Island 2023

via Instagram @caseyogorman

Casey before Love Island is a world away from him now. He is now a model and recruitment consultant, and tbh, if you told me to picture a guy who works in recruitment but models on the side, I’d pretty much picture him. He’s giving I work in The City, but could also model for Calvin Klein sorta vibes.

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