Miley Cyrus music video trivia quiz

Think you’re a Miley Cyrus fan? Prove it by matching these screenshots to the music video

I’m sure you think this is going to be easy

Miley Cyrus always has iconic music videos. The world hasn’t been the same since Wrecking Ball, or the gorgeous gorgeous vibes of Malibu. It feels as though the entire population was previously in a Miley drought, but she’s just come along with new single Flowers and everything is ok again. Nature is healing! So, in honour of the new single, it’s time to see who are the true Miley Cyrus fans, by testing your knowledge of if you can identify each incredible music video in a quiz.

Miley is one of those generation defining artists who makes world-stopping comebacks with an entire new vibe each time. Her videos have had major tone-shifts, era changes and milestone moments throughout. They are truly reflective of the stage in her life and career she is at. Nobody does an era like our Miley does.

So, let’s test if you remember them all. In the quiz below, you’ll be presented with a number of screenshots from different Miley Cyrus music videos, and all you have to do is match them to the correct song title. Come on now, this should be beyond easy. Good luck!

Take the quiz below and match the screenshot to the correct Miley Cyrus music video:

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Featured image from Miley’s Flowers music video, via YouTube