bots liking Instagram stories

Explained: Why bots are driving you mad by constantly liking your Instagram stories

I need peace

Recently, I’ve been plagued. Not by mice, not by illness – but by endless bots liking my stories on Instagram. I thought for a while this was grief only I had been cursed with, but a simple Google and a chat with pals illuminated that this is a wider issue that we’re all suffering through. Why the hell is this happening, how can we stop it and what are the bots after? I’ve done some digging – here’s why bots are liking your Instagram stories and if there’s any way to stop it.

Instagram users across all social media have been vocal about the increase in bot activity on the app. Not only are bots doing the usual tricks of DMing, or following you – they’re now giving you annoying notifications that they’re liking your story. And there’s been no word from Instagram or Meta on what they’re doing to put it to bed.

But why is this happening? One theory is one you certainly may not like. According to users on Reddit who are experiencing bots liking their Instagram stories, this can happen when users you may have blocked (or just don’t want to be seen) want to view your stories without you knowing. There are sites that can help them do this, and these sites create bot accounts for them to do so.

In my own personal experience, the likes from the bot accounts don’t even show as views when you look over your Insta story. Instagram seems to be filtering them out of views, but not able yet to stop the notifications. And it’s incessant.

What can be done to stop it? One way that will stop bots is by making your account private – but that won’t help those of us who need to be public f0r their work or just quite simply don’t wish to have a private Instagram.

Also – as tedious as it may be – begin to extend your close friends story by adding more and more people and post there rather than on your main until Instagram sorts out the bot pandemic we’re all suffering through.

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