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Here’s how to do the whisper method, TikTok’s latest manifestation trend

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TikTok’s latest viral trend is all about the art of manifestation and it’s called the whisper method. If you’re lucky enough to be on manifestationTok then you’ll be keen on hearing about the popular manifestation hack which is currently on everyone’s for you page. Here’s everything we know about the whisper method on TikTok including how it works and whether it actually works.

The whisper method on TikTok is a manifestation technique

Okay so, the whisper method is a type of manifestation which brings together intention and visualisation with high vibrations and good energies in order to influence someone else to do what you want, or influence their actions in some sort of way.

It’s called the whisper method because the person doing it is meant to visualise themselves whispering into the ear of the person they want to influence. So if you believe in manifestation then here’s how to do the whisper method.

How to do the whisper method from TikTok

Right, according to differing tutorials on the app, here’s a rundown of a few steps which you’ll need to follow in order to do the whisper method successfully.

1. Be clear on what you want to manifest

2. Have good vibrations and intentions, aka have positive thoughts and energy – raise your vibrations and make sure you’re in a good headspace

3. Close your eyes, visualise the person you want to influence and then visualise yourself in front of that person. Then picture yourself whispering what it is you want to say to them

4. Walk away, open your eyes and lt it go

5. Focus on your good vibes and don’t doubt a single thing you said

Does the whisper method actually work?

As with any other TikTok hack, there’s no science behind it which means there’s no evidence backing it. But it has apparently worked for some. If you believe in manifestation then this is a good one for you.

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