Cheryl Ghost Story

Cheryl has randomly been cast in 2:22 A Ghost Story and everyone’s losing their minds

She’s taking over from Laura Whitmore… what on EARTH is this play???

Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini-NowjustCheryl is the latest actress to be cast as Jenny in the fever dream that is 2:22 A Ghost Story. Because if we’re going to end 2022, rest assured we’re going to do it in the weirdest way possible.

What on earth is this play, and why has the lineup of actors playing the mythical role of Jenny included the absolute randomise Sim roster of Lily Allen, Mandip Gill, Laura Whitmore (???) and now CHERYL? Who is next? My mum at this rate. Seems like anyone can step into the role of Jenny at this rate. We all have to do a stint as Jenny if we get the call – like a theatrical jury service.

If you thought Laura Whitmore taking on the role was weird, Cheryl is another level of bizarre. When I first saw the news, I thought it was a well edited picture some gays on Twitter cooked up for a few retweets. Finding out this is real is one of the most surreal announcements I’ve ever witnessed.

Cheryl posted the news on her Insta, saying “I am so excited to be starring in the West End thriller 2:22 A Ghost Story. I will be playing the role of Jenny from January to April. I went to see the show with a previous cast and loved it. It is a totally new and exciting experience for me so if you’re looking for a fun night out and some entertainment in your new year tickets are available now… whenever you’re ready.”

She’s absolutely mother for referencing the iconic “whenever you’re ready” Trey-C X Factor moment, to be honest.

Twitter is of course losing its mind at the Cheryl as Jenny in 2:22 A Ghost Story news. Everyone was racing to share the iconic “tap the fookin table” moment from the seminal spooky watch Ghost Hunting With Girls Aloud.

She actually is the British Glenn Close.

Jokes aside, I am actually gagging to see this and will be booking a ticket URGENTLY.


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