Wednesday characters died

A full rundown of the characters who died by the end of Wednesday season one

If we didn’t see a body I refuse to believe they’re actually dead

Look, we all know that TV takes the right royal piss. Characters we think are dead may not be, unless we’ve dig a six foot deep hole and buried them in it and watched our living characters weep and mourn – or if we’ve seen articles of the cast saying they’ve left the show – I’d not take their word for it. Wednesday is the latest show that’s been killing of its cast on Netflix, and there’s definitely a few whose fate seems to be left ambiguous. Here’s a rundown of all the Wednesday characters that died, and whether I think they’re actually dead or if they’ll pop back up at Nevermore in the inevitable second season.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Wednesday season one. Obviously. 


The first casualty of the season was Rowan, who met a sticky end at the hands of the Hyde in the first episode just as he tried to murder Wednesday with his telekinetic powers after his visions drove him crazy. He tried to kill Wednesday because his visions wrongly believed that she would be the destruction of Nevermore Academy. Rowan is absolutely, certainly dead – despite coverups from Principal Weems and Rowan’s father in an attempt to protect Nevermore from scandal.

Mayor Walker

Mayor Walker got brutally ran over on his way to tell the sheriff about the true identity of Marilyn / Laurel outside the café. Mayor Walker survives, but then gets murdered in hospital when his life support is unplugged. He’s definitely dead – we saw all the characters at his funeral. RIP Mayor Walker!

Valarie Kinbott

Wednesday characters died

The therapist Wednesday is forced to go to comes in the firing line after our heroine mistakenly believes she’s the puppeteer behind the Hyde – her theory is disproved when the Hyde murders her under orders from Laurel – the true puppeteer. It’s safe to say that Valarie is dead – she was brutally ravaged. I’m not saying she deserved it, but she was deeply annoying.

Principal Weems

Wednesday characters died

Okay, hear me out: of all the Wednesday characters that have died, I don’t think Principal Weems is fully dead. We might have seen her ‘die’ and foam at the mouth, just like Garrett Gates, but in the whirlwind that followed Laurel attacking her we never saw her body or anything since. Could she still be alive? Weems’ actor Gwendoline Christie teased that she might be.

Talking to Digital Spy, Christie said: “We haven’t seen her put in the ground, have we? I feel like Larissa Weems would not really be prepared to entertain or be dominated by anything as commonplace as death.”

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