Love Island’s Adam Collard was attacked by a group of men whilst on a night out with Paige

‘Adam and his friends were extremely shaken up by the situation’

Love Islander Adam Collard was attacked in a bar whilst on a night out with Paige Thorne. The couple were reportedly out with Adam’s mates in Newcastle when a group of men spotted them.

The group of men allegedly started to behave aggressively towards 26-year-old Adam and started to rip his top off.

Adam allegedly defended himself as one of his mates jumped in to try and break it up before the bouncers got involved.

One person who was at the venue but not involved in the fight told The Sun: “It happened shortly after midnight. Adam and Paige were just on a night, it wasn’t an official appearance or anything. Everyone was trying to crowd him and I think they were trying to crowd Paige and Adam wasn’t happy at all which was understandable.

Then people started to rip his top off and it all kicked off. It’s no surprise he wanted to defend himself and was obviously looking out for Paige as well. They were just out for a drink together with friends and they didn’t need that hassle. The bouncers came over and it finally calmed down and Adam and Paige left after that.”

Adam’s spokesperson said: “Adam was trying to enjoy a quiet night out in his hometown with friends when a large group of men began aggressively harassing them. Despite several attempts to diffuse the situation, the men continued to become more aggressive and started physically attacking Adam. Understandably, Adam and his friends were extremely shaken up by the situation and felt it was best to leave and were safely escorted by the security team outside. No further action has been taken.”

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