Stranger Things improvised moments

Stranger Things has shared which season four finale moments were improvised by the cast

The Jopper kiss wasn’t scripted? Shaking, crying, throwing up

The Stranger Things finale episodes finally dropped on Friday, and if I’m being honest I wasn’t overwhelmed. I was whelmed in the regular sense. But despite a lot of safe choices, there were some hugely euphoric moments as the cast who have spent a season spread between both states and continents all ended up reunited, and there were huge fan service moments along the way. The Stranger Things Writers’ Room Twitter account has shared which of those moments the cast actually improvised themselves.

Warning: Goes without saying, but major spoilers for Stranger Things season four finale ahead. 

‘Erica, help!’

In the heartbreaking scenes of Max being taken by Vecna, Lucas frantically tries to save her as she floats and her limbs begin to break. In the moment, Lucas screams out for his sister who had been trapped by one of Jacob’s cronies out on the field outside the Creel house. This emotional shout was improvised by Caleb McLaughlin in the moment!

‘I love you, man’

In the finale, Stranger Things dedicated a lot of time to the friendship between Dustin and Eddie. Before they, you know, killed Eddie off. Whilst the two were prepping for battle, Eddie says an adorable “I love you, man,” which was improvised by actor Joe Quinn.

‘Dontcha, big boy?’

When Eddie is in the camper van and calls Steve “big boy” that was ALSO improvised. At this point, were any big moments from Stranger Things 4 NOT improvised???

The big one…

It wasn’t just the good lines being revealed as improvised moments in Stranger Things 4. The Writers’ Room also confirmed that the kiss between Hopper and Joyce was improvised by Winona Ryder and David Harbour in the day of shooting. Why on earth this wasn’t in it to begin with is beyond me.

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