Pictured are people who snuck into Glastonbury

Face paint and hiding in the boot of a car: All the genius ways people snuck into Glastonbury

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Festival goers are getting ready to take on Glastonbury for another year, whether they have a ticket or not. Last year’s festival was one to remember, from Billie Eilish making history to Olivia Rodrigo bringing out Lily Allen to sing ‘F**k You’ dedicated to the Supreme Court in the US. Each year festivals come and go and there’s always something the events all have in common, and that’s people trying to find a way to sneak in. From sneaking in as a paramedic to dressing up as a woman, here are all the genius ways people snuck into Glastonbury Festival last year:

1. Dressing up as a woman

An unknown Liverpool man has gone viral on Twitter after attempting to sneak in with a woman’s ticket by dressing up in a wig and makeup. Festival goer Lori said on Twitter: “Day one of Glasto and a Scouse lad came up to me in a wig and dress because he had a woman’s ticket”. She then uploaded a video of the man who was dressed in a blonde wig, sun hat and sunglasses.

Lori said she lost the man in the queue and did not know if he got into the festival despite his attempts. However, TikTok user Husnain Asif shared a video saying he was successful in sneaking into Glastonbury and said: “Shoutout to the 40-year-old woman who got tackled by security instead of me.” Could this be the mystery Liverpool man? I guess we’ll never know.

2. A dad snuck in his overage son with tiger face paint so he could be the best man at their Glasto wedding

In a more wholesome turn of events, a dad from Preston got married to his wife at the festival which he had been planning since 2019. Glastonbury allows adults to take children with them up to the age of 12 for free. But because the pandemic postponed the couples wedding plans, by the time it was time to wed, their son had turned 14. In order to get his son in for free, Wayne dressed his son in a school pullover with tiger face paint and security let him pass.

Wayne spoke to LancsLive and said: “When we bought the tickets he was young enough to get in free, but Covid postponed it and he crossed the threshold. We already told him he was coming, so if we didn’t get him in as a tiger, we would have thrown him over the main wall. He was the best man at the wedding, so we were getting him in.”

3. Dressing up as a paramedic

TikTok user Molly shared a video of her dad who apparently managed to sneak into the festival by dressing up as a paramedic. Her video which has received over 335,000 likes said: “POV: Your dad sneaked into Glastonbury dressed as a paramedic”. The video shows a photo of her dad on the festival grounds and dancing along to a band.

4. Hid in the boot of a car

Another TikTok user, Rose, shared a video of what looks like she and her partner snuck into the festival by hiding out in the boot of a car. In her video she said: “We got into Glastonbury!”. In the comment section she said: “Was quite hectic being in the boot for an hour.” From the looks of her video, that hour was well worth it.

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