Lesbian fashion going mainstream makes me feel more confident in my sexuality

Everyone looks like a flaming homosexual now


Lesbi-honest, I can’t be the only one who has noticed all the straight girls are starting to dress like flaming-hot homosexuals. Lesbian fashion is pretty straightforward. We’ll always choose comfort which means oversized shirts, Dr. Martens, sweater vests, baggy leather coats, loose fitting jeans and of course we love a power suit every now and then. We enjoy bold nail polish colours and feel naked if we don’t have a ring on every single finger. But now all of this has worked it’s way over into heterosexual fashion, it’s hard distinguishing who is queer and who isn’t.

Before I came out, expressing my sexuality in fashion was something I feared because I didn’t want to be the subject of any form of homophobia. But now choosing what to wear is something I worry about less because all straight women, to me, look gay as fuck. I completely understand this is a privilege and not something all queer people experience. But queer fashion going mainstream has made me feel a lot more comfortable within my sexuality and I think that’s something I should celebrate.

Even Kendall Jenner has dipped her toe in “lesbian” swag. She recently posted a photo wearing a baseball cap, a leather tote and an oversized brown leather jacket. Not to mention her loose fit jeans and those brown leather boots – don’t even try to tell me this isn’t high camp. Also this saphhic photo of Gigi Hadid just explains itself entirely.


Next time you’re in a casual public setting, you’ll notice an overbearing amount of denim, Dr. Martens, baggy trousers and leather. Any straight woman named Chloe now feels comfortable dressing like Dani Clayton from Bly Manor or every inmate ever from Orange Is the New Black. Seeing lesbian fashion elevate into everyday society has made me enjoy my sexuality more than ever before. Now I’m just waiting for the day carabiners are introduced into straight culture.

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