These are all the real life filming locations from Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix

The Oxford University scenes weren’t even filmed in Oxford!

Anatomy of a Scandal is the new political drama on Netflix that has gone straight into the top 10 worldwide. It tells the story of a British MP who is embroiled in a scandal when his affair with one of his researchers becomes public and she accuses him of rape. The show is spread across lots of different filming locations, with some notable London places used as backdrops for the Anatomy of a Scandal drama.

Not all of the London and beyond locations in the show were filmed exactly where they are set. So, here are all the real life filming locations that were used for Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix.

The House of Commons

The real filming locations used in Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix

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The scenes in The House of Commons were actually filmed across multiple different locations. The Charterhouse School in Surrey and John Rylands Library in Manchester were used as filming locations for the scenes which are meant to look as though they are taking place there.

According to the Metro, some House of Commons scenes were also shot at Lincoln’s Inn, one of the four Inns of Court in London to which barristers of England and Wales belong and where they are called to the Bar. Two Temple Place was also used, which is a neo-Gothic mansion near Victoria Embankment in central London.

The Sussex coast

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In some flashback scenes we see the Whitehouse family leave London for some relaxing time in Sussex. Scenes here were filmed at Cuckmere Haven along the coast, which has a history of being a filming spot for films and TV shows. Among some of the things filmed there have been: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Atonement, Green Wing, Foyle’s War, Mr. Holmes, Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Luther.

The Palace of Westminster

The real filming locations used in Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix

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A lot of background shots are filmed around central London, exactly where you would expect to see an MP hanging out and working. The Palace of Westminster, the meeting place for both houses of Parliament, is featured a lot in the show and James can be seen addressing cameras in the gardens and green spaces around there too.

Winchester College

Whilst the filming locations in Anatomy of a Scandal look convincing as being exactly where they say they are, scenes that are meant to be based at Oxford University were actually filmed at Winchester College. The college is a fancy boarding school in Hampshire – so when we see the show’s Libertines Club swanning around, they would have felt just as home as they would’ve at Oxford.

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Despite the university scenes not being filmed there, filming did take place across Oxford. New College Lane, Brasenose Lane, Wadham, and Radcliffe Square all served as places the show was shot.

Old Bailey

The real filming locations used in Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix

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The Old Bailey was filmed partly on set, with some shots taking place at the Freemasons Hall in London.

Terrace Bar

In a post, Netflix has said the bar where James and Olivia go to when they begin their affair is the Terrace Bar in the House of Lords. Apparently it’s pretty exclusive there, and unless an MP invites you, the chances of getting into this political-insider bar are very slim.

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The Delaunay

According to Netflix, one of the restaurant locations featured in Anatomy of a Scandal is The Delaunay, which is a real place. There’s a sweeping view of the inside of the restaurant where Kate and her lover meet for dinner. It’s in the Covent Garden area and is a Michelin-listed restaurant that’s been open since 2011 and is a homage to old European-style café restaurants.

Shepperton Studios, Surrey

The real filming locations used in Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix

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As with all shows, studios were used a lot to recreate real life filming locations – with Anatomy of a Scandal using Shepperton Studios in Surrey. The huge luxury townhouse the Whitehouse family are living in during the show was custom built in a studio and doesn’t actually exist in real life. The lift scenes were also filmed at the studios.

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