The outfits from Bridgerton season two, ranked from ‘ruinous’ to ‘incomparable’

The ridiculous costume budget is very, very worth it

Let’s get one thing straight: Bridgerton season two absolutely banged all-round, but by far the highlight of it was all the outfits. I would let someone spoil all the plot points of next season if it meant I could somehow get into the Bridgerton costume department, but it’s safe to say some of the season two outfits were definitely better than others…

After 700+ costumes, each episode costing £5 million to make and with 200 people working on the costumes alone (no, really), here are all the big moments, from the all-the-looks-all-the-time Sharmas, to the “tried their best… ish” Featheringtons. Here are all the best (and worst) outfits of Bridgerton season two:

17. Cressida Cowper is ugh in every way

She easily wins worst-dressed along with worst personality, in dresses that are OTT and just awful, plus the second most overdone hair after the Queen’s wigs. Maybe Madame Delacroix is sabotaging her intentionally?

16. All the Featherington’s outfits are… no. Just no. Whether at home:

15. Or at a ball:

Styled by the awful (but also kind of an okay mother?) Portia, the only thing anyone would be “tempted” to do looking at these dresses is to run far away.

14. Penelope is mildly better than her sisters, but only mildly

Honestly, Penelope’s one maid outfit was better than all of her dresses combined. She manages to just about carry them off (not being as awful as her sisters’ helps), but still, if she ever does get together with Colin, it will be in better dresses. I know she’s meant to be hiding her Lady Whistledown money, but could she use her new alliance with Madame Delacroix to buy at least one nice dress? Just to make her feel better after her suffering this season??

13. Eloise was too meh for Whistledown to write about

Eloise’s stupid dress-coat things are so annoying. They’re nearly fits, but then just aren’t. Why are her sleeves like that? Why is her hair not tied up if she’s out in society now? Why does she need that many frills???

12. Edwina’s dresses did so much character-work

She’s sweet, naive and really needs to learn how people look at those they fancy, because you should not be realising this stuff at the altar. Her flower-themed dresses perfectly showed off her innocence and sweetness.

11. And her wedding dress was delightful

And her wedding dress, sweet, beautiful and again floral with a huge train. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong – oh, wait.

10. Viscountess Bridgerton was (mostly) perfectly ready to be the Ton’s best mama

Violet Bridgerton always looked dignified and ready to dole out good advice or pressure to marry to all her children in these gorgeous pastel cool toned coat-dress-things. And check out Daphne in her signature lilac.

9. In general, Bridgertons = serving looks

Yes, their family gets ruined once a season, but hey, at least they look good while it happens. Benedict brings his fancy waistcoat and cravat A-game, Colin is starting to have a bit of style in those colour-coordinated waistcoats and cravats, and Anthony always looks great in a classical black-and-white suit. Plus here we see Lady Bridgerton in one of the family’s signature embroidered flower dresses.

8. Lady Danbury chose her colours well and stuck with them

Lady Danbury said red and purple were the way to go, paired with wonderfully OTT jewellery and her cane, ready for tapping dramatically or whacking horny forbidden lovers.

7. Who thought pink and orange was a good idea?

Genuinely, what were they thinking? Who paired pink and orange? The wig itself is kind of cool, with a roses pattern, and then they paired it with that dress.

6. The Queen’s wigs are yet again most noticeable, sometimes colour-coordinated:

Pastel blue to match her dress? With strings of pearls in the wig??? Iconic.

5. … And sometimes downright regal:

Mini-braids across the wig, paired with a royal cloak? Honestly sometimes she earns the drama she causes.

4. Kate Sharma really said ‘incomparable’

Simone Ashley may be one of the most gorgeous actresses working today, and the costume department did her justice. Forget the ballgowns (for now): no one wins at casual Regency wear like Kate Sharma.

This all-blue-velvet hunting ensemble is just gorgeous, perfect for one of the steamiest (for this series anyway) moments, with Anthony for once forgoing his classic black-and-white ensemble for a matching dark blue velvet waistcoat.

3. She worked in wonderful Indian-inspired outfits

Amazing turquoise, ft. the season’s MVP, Newton.

2. She wore gorgeous lingerie, perfect for a late-night tryst in a gazebo

Can we talk about her adorable corset-and-shorts lingerie set?? Probably historically inaccurate, but gorgeous either way.

1. And finally, Kate was ready to have the happy ending she deserved in her orange ballgown

If the Bridgerton outfits had a “diamond” of season two, it has to be Kate’s final orange dress, for the saddest dance in Bridgerton history overlaid by a sob-worthy Wrecking Ball violin cover, before the triumphant finale.

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