Instagram has finally brought back the chronological feed

It’s also introduced a new ‘Favourites’ option

Instagram is currently testing out a new feed layout which gives users the choice of viewing their feed under three categories, “Home”, “Following”, and “Favourites”. This includes a return to the chronological feed, something Instagram users have been asking for for years.

The “Following” option will allow users to see posts chronologically, which is how Instagram used to display feeds prior to March 2016.


This is how you switch between the different options

The app will also have a “Favourites” option, which allows users to choose their favourite accounts and then only shows posts from those selected. These will also be shown in chronological order.


This is how the “Favourites” feature will work

For users who are happy with how the feed is displayed now, the “Home” option will keep the current algorithmically sorted feed as usual. This will also stay the default feed when you open up the app.

You can also only view Instagram stories on the “Home” layout, as they don’t appear at the top of the other two options.

These features are currently being tested, with only some Instagram users receiving the update. But head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced in a video at the start of January: “We hope that we can launch the full experience in the first half of this year, so keep a lookout”.

There have been mixed reactions online to the announcement and updates, with one Twitter user writing: “Dear Instagram, all we wanted was a chronological feed. Wtf is this?”.

Another wrote: “I can’t wait until the timeline options come to my Instagram, I want chronological order immediately!”.

As only a small number of accounts have updated, it’s not known when exactly the features will officially roll out to all Instagram users, so don’t worry if your app hasn’t changed yet. Just know that the chronological feed is returning soon, which is a huge cause for celebration.

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