Adele Easy On Me reactions

These 19 reactions to Adele’s new song are so emotionally raw they’ll ruin your life forever

I’ve been shaking, crying and streaming Easy On Me all morning

We’ve been waiting years and years for Adele to drop some new music and today she finally did it. Adele gave us Easy On Me and fans have been sharing their reactions saying they’ve been crying, shaking and throwing up ever since first hearing it. Easy On Me chews us up, spits us out and then smacks us round the face. Streaming it makes you feel as though your going through the world’s worst divorce from your partner and lifelong best friend – it hurts.

Fans of Adele on Twitter have been sharing their reaction to the song and it’s fair to say most of them have been sobbing since they started to stream it. So here are 19 reactions to Adele’s song that are so emotionally raw, you’ll feel like you’re going through the worst heartache of your life.

1. Adele has a certain type of power

2. I’m not even married but if I was, I’d file for divorce

3. Not this person saying Adele made them shit

4. It’s criminally early

5. ‘Mommy’s sobbing to new Adele’

6. I am ugly crying rn

7. Drinking wine and listening to Adele is euphoric

8. This tweet gave me goosebumps


10. She hits different

11. Drake’s Instagram story is so nice

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12. Adele is a powerful woman

13. I am Otis rn

14. In my mind, I’ve had three divorces this morning

15. Crying again

16. I need to take a mental health day because this is too much

17. ‘Didn’t get the chance to FEEEEEEL the world around me’

18. It’s a good pain, a healthy pain

19. And finally, some life lessons from Adele

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