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20 years on how well do you remember Legally Blonde? Take our trivia quiz to find out

Finally a quiz I’ll get full marks on

It’s crazy to think Legally Blonde has been around for two decades, feels like yesterday we all perfected the bend and snap. But it really did come out 20 years ago, so how well do you remember the film? It’s time to find out with our Legally Blonde trivia quiz.

Legally Blonde firmly has icon status amongst teen girl movies. It’s so iconic Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian have both created videos in honour of it. Everyone knows the quotes and we would all still wear Elle’s perfect pink outfits today.

Aside from the obvious big moments, how many of the little details from the movie do you remember? Are you clued up on what score Elle got in the LSATs? Or what about Warner’s nickname for Elle? Is it Sweetie Pie or Pooh Bear?

We’ve created a quiz that asks questions just like that which only the true fans and those headed to Harvard Law School would know instantly.

To test your Legally Blonde knowledge take our trivia quiz:

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