Unite security guard filmed throwing a cup of tea at university student

He has been suspended following the incident

A Unite Students security guard has been suspended after he was filmed throwing the contents of his mug at a student.

The incident took place outside Unite accommodation, where the student is filming the guard on a cigarette break as she asks him for help.

In the video, the female student is heard saying “can you come help us?”. The security guard refuses to help and asks the female student to stop filming.

After a while, the video shows the security guard passing the student and entering the Unite Student accommodation. The female student is still filming as she follows him through the door.

At this point, the security guard turns around and throws the contents of his mug at the student who responds: “Are you joking?” as she is drenched in the liquid.

A Unite spokesperson told The Tab: “We are aware of this footage and have spoken to the student, and their parent, in relation to this incident and have apologised unreservedly.

“A member of staff has been suspended pending the outcome of a full investigation.”

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