People on TikTok are sneaking up to the I’m A Celebrity castle to watch the celebs

Just watching Bev eating tea wbu

People on TikTok have been sharing videos of them getting an up close and personal look at the I’m A Celebrity castle and honestly, it’s pretty wild.

With this year’s show being in Wales it’s obviously a lot easier for people to get to where it is being filmed, and people have managed to get a close enough vantage point to actually see the celebs getting on with day-to-day life in the camp.

One video, which has been viewed over a million times, is captioned: “We heard I’m A Celebrity was better in person so… we went” and shows a couple of the campmates walking around near the water well. Another shows what looks like Jordan North walking around the camp.

People in the replies are going mad for it. The first video has had over 197k likes and currently has over 4k comments.  A few people suggested throwing chocolate bars and notes over to the celebrities, whilst another added that they should shout in to Vernon Kay and tell him we love him – which is true.

A second TikTok of people going to the I’m A Celebrity castle has had an equally as wild response – it’s been liked over 45k times and currently has nearly 900 comments. People are talking about Ant and Dec and the show’s security possibly watching the video, whilst the creator of the clip replied to some comments to clarify they didn’t trespass or break in – and instead found a viewpoint that was perfectly legal to be at.

Brb, heading to Wales to watch them do the trials trials and the campmates sit around the fire in person!!

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