Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you which Arthur character you are

Nigel Ratburn or we riot

I long for the days when I’d come home from a hard day at school to spend half an hour watching that animated aardvark and all his mates deal with the same issues that I was going through. Seriously, it was enough to bring a tear to the eye watching Arthur and Buster go through the trials and tribulations of childhood friendships, Binky learn the importance of being nice to people amidst falling in with the rough kids and Nigel Ratburn tying up the whole scenario as their teacher/confidant. What a beautiful, relatable bit of kids telly.

You came here for two reasons. Your love of Arthur comes first, and second is your desire to know which of the little animal friends you’re most similar to. Can’t blame you. An intricate scientifically-backed assessment follows, which will seek to assert which Arthur character you are based upon each small nuance of your character. Or a 10 question quiz, whatever you want to call it:

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