Ekin-Su since Celebrity Big Brother

Digs at Davide to Lorraine Kelly drama: What Ekin-Su has been up to since Celeb Big Brother

She’s been in the headlines a lot lately

Ekin-Su has had a rocky start to 2024. After being the fourth evictee off Celebrity Big Brother, it wasn’t the best career move. She made a few controversial comments on the show that got some extreme backlash. Not to mention, she recently broke up with her boyfriend of two years Davide, her fellow Love Island co-star. Personally, I always thought reality TV would be good post-breakup revenge but in this case I’m glad that I stick to just ranting to friends over wine.

For Ekin-Su however, the TV appearances now seem to be taking a backseat. The 29-year-old star has been busy with other glamorous things that are on a stars to-do list. Although she may be limited in the public eye, she still has been causing headlines. A former Love Island star causing drama? Sounds silly. Here’s everything Ekin-Su has been up to since being evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house:

Ekin-Su avoided the Celeb BB final to ‘focus on herself’

Ekin-Su was not there for the final of Celebrity Big Brother, which maybe was smart to not add fuel to the fire. In a statement released to Instagram, she said: “I hope you don’t think I was selfish for setting boundaries and putting my own needs first last night. I’m fully aware that not everybody will understand my absence, or think it was the right decision to make, BUT it was the right decision for me.

“I chose to remove myself from a potentially uncomfortable situation that I preferred to avoid. I’m proud of myself for recognising what I need during this time, despite the hate that might come my way.”

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The post went on to say: “Accountability is key and when I’m ready, I will give some context around these past few weeks. Thank you to everybody who has sent kindness my way, I see you, and I appreciate you. The new chapter starts now.”

“I hope everyone enjoyed watching the CBB final. A huge congratulations to David for the win. Xx.”

She has a new acting role on the horizon

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The star teased part of a script on her Instagram story last month. All we know is that the character is called Terri and hopefully not a “liar actress”.

Her acting credits started before Love Island when she was on a Turkish Soap Opera called Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk where she played a serial killer. She was recently seen on Celeb Big Brother re-enacting the dramatic death scene of this character. Swapping playing yourself on TV to playing fictional people seems like the career move she is opting for.

And of course, she’s still making digs at her ex

Now we all can be guilty of using social media to subtly drop hints at our ex but this ex-couple are notorious for various mixed break-up statements. Ekin-Su recently posted an Instagram story to her thousands of followers holding up a book called How To Deal With Toxic People with a laughing face emoji. Sure, this could relate to a lot of situations but when you are in the middle of a very public break-up, it does look suss. At least she is in her self-help book era and working through it.

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Ekin-Su also got into drama with Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly had to apologise to Ekin-Su after making digs for her not appearing on her morning show. There was an awkward TV moment last month in which Susanna Reid (host of Good Morning Britian) went to hand over to Lorraine suggesting that Ekin-Su had not turned up as a guest appearance.

Confusingly, later on that day, Lorraine posted an official ITV apology saying: “We’d like to clear up a misunderstanding, Ekin-Su did not pull out of the show or throw the programme into chaos this morning.” Not sure what happened there then.

She’s been serving TikTok content on her latest beauty products


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♬ original sound – Ekin-Su

I love Ekin-Su on TikTok as she gives the vibe of not really knowing how to use social media yet uses it anyway. The majority of Gen-Z talk a lot of waffle on the app anyway, so no shade. However, the star recently posted a new makeup video where she uses products from her own beauty line BPerfect Cosmetics. Marketing at it’s finest.

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