Can you name the most iconic 00s celebrities? Take this quiz to find out

This is like, so hot x

Sometimes I’ll see that viral picture of Paris Hilton wearing her “stop being poor” tank top and think how amazing the brain is. Like, there are some celebs from years and years ago, who we probably only got introduced to when we were tiny ourselves, but we will just remember them forever. This 00s celebrities trivia quiz is about to dig deep into those memories and really test how well your memories have actually lasted.

I seriously think there is a special part of my brain which is specifically for old pop culture references and icons that I never thought I needed until now. It’s time to reminisce on The Hills, The Simple Life, all the incredible fashion choices, 00s music and celebrity culture and some of the best days of your life. Enjoy.

How many iconic 00s celebrities can you identify in the quiz below?

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