Missguided has taken down its ‘hunger-busting’ and ‘carb-blocking’ pills

Good riddance to projecting unhealthy body image myths

Missguided have now taken down their controversial “hunger-busting” and “carb-blocking” pills from the ‘sports nutrition’ section of their website.

Speaking to The Tab, a spokesperson for Missguided said the pills were part of a “pilot range” and that they were sold on many other sites, not just Missguided. They added the pilot is now over, so the pills were removed from the website.

The pills being advertised, which are completely legal, gave promises of removing hunger pangs, “contributing to weight loss” and “reducing cravings”. Many branded the sale of these Protein World diet pills on the Missguided site “irresponsible”, with concerns that young women would be influenced by the sale of these pills.

The “hunger-buster” pills were retailing for £14.99 and in the description Missguided said “Let hunger pangs be gone!”

Supposed benefits included that they “aid in weight loss when incorporated into a calorie-controlled diet“, and “reduce cravings and prevent unnecessary snacking or binge eating”.

Missguided also marketed the “carb-blocker” and “fat-metaboliser” pills. The supposed benefits for the carb blockers were that “the combination of White Kidney Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambodgia help reduce cravings” and they “block that horrible post heavy meal bloating and leaves you with a flat tummy even after a cheat meal or the morning after a cheat day”.

The “fat-metaboliser” pills claim to “accelerate weight loss when paired with a healthy calorie-controlled diet and exercise” and “speed up metabolism to in turn help in fat burning”.

However, Missguided have since removed these products from their site, telling The Tab: “They were part of a pilot branded range of popular sports nutrition products widely sold elsewhere, but that pilot is now over.”

Photo (before edits) by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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