‘White Boy’ is the wild new Netflix true crime which is available right now

It follows the twisted story of a teenage drug lord

A new true crime documentary has just been added to Netflix, called “White Boy”. The documentary follows the story of a teenage drug lord in Detroit, who has now become the longest serving non violent juvenile offender in the state of Michigan.

He was operating in a time when drug crime was rife. In the documentary it is said that “it seemed like every week a new drug gang emerged”. It was seen as a “black dominated world” so to have a young, white boy dealing drugs in the gang areas was particularly shocking.

The hour and a half long documentary was originally filmed and released in 2017, but it has just been added to Netflix.

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“White Boy Rick”, via Netflix

‘White Boy’ is all about the life of convicted drug dealer ‘White Boy Rick’

The documentary is all about Richard Wershe Jr, a teenage drug dealer who is nicknamed White Boy Rick. He is said to have been associating and doing business with the biggest drug dealers in Detroit.

Rick started off as an FBI informant when he was just 14-years-old. It was soon found out that he was underage and had been filing his reports under his dad’s name, so the FBI stopped working with him. However, it is then said that Rick continued to work as a drug dealer before he was arrested aged 17.

In the Netflix documentary, it is said he would “act black, talk black and date black women”. He was said to roll around in fancy cars and flaunt thousands of dollars. One drug dealer interviewed in the doc said they were making up to two million dollars a month.

At the time of his arrest, a new Michigan law had been imposed that anyone found with more than 650 grams of drugs would be sentenced to mandatory life. Rick was convicted on February 4th 1988 for possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance over 650 grams. He was sentenced to life without parole.

White Boy, Netflix, Rick, Richard Wershe Jr, true story, events, real, life, now, prison, watch, about, trailer, true crime, documentary

Richard more recently in court, via Netflix

The documentary features interviews with drug lords and journalists working and reporting at the time, as well as Rick’s mother and attorney. It soon becomes clear that all isn’t what it seems in Richard’s case, and the state appears to be deep in corruption.

The Netflix synopsis for the documentary reads: “According to urban legend, this teenager was a drug kingpin in 1980s Detroit. But did authorities help put him on the throne?”

Watch the trailer for ‘White Boy’ on Netflix here:

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