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These are the uni towns where you’re most likely to bump into a vegan

Genuinely shocked Brighton’s not first


A new report has been released on dietary habits across the UK to find out where you're "most likely to bump into a vegan." Veganism has grown rapidly in the last two years, with 117 per cent more people choosing to ditch meat and dairy all together.

Students, with their love of guacamole and indie veggie bands, are likely to form a large part of these statistics – probably why all top five are major uni towns. You'd presume Brighton, Bristol or other edgy hippie cities might take the top spots, but surprisingly it's not the case.

Here's which cities made the list:

1. Glasgow

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Glasgow is deemed the most "plant based" town in the UK, with 24 per cent of those involved in the survey choosing this as their diet.

With plenty of restaurants such as The Flying Duck, Lotus and Mono, Glasgow has plenty to offer for vegans across the city.

2. Edinburgh

Next on the list is another Scottish city, its capital – Edinburgh, with 21 percent of people claiming to be vegan. Vegan activism is prominent in the city, with people often flyering on the main market street, Princes St.

There's pretty good Vegan haggis too.

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3. Brighton and Hove

Next on the list is Brighton and Hove, with 17 per cent of people involved having a vegan diet.

As this place contains the only UK Green Party seat in the country (Brighton Pavillion), this makes sense.

4. Leicester

Surprisingly Leicester finishes fourth, with 17 per cent of people following a plant based diet.

This one's left us pretty stumped to be honest, unless there's a correlation between veganism and Adrian Mole books and/or surprise Premier League title wins.

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5. Manchester

The people of Manchester must have really listened to resident Morrissey's 'Meat is Murder', because 16 per cent of the people follow a plant based diet.

With the Northern Quarter being full of yummy vegan restaurants, it's hardly surprising.

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It's not all salads

Pescatarians or carnivore?

The three cities that are most likely to be pescatarian are Cambridge, Brighton and Hove and finally Bristol.

The most carnivorous diets however belong in the North and Wales, with Cardiff, Newcastle and Leeds being the top three.

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