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Every Love Island moment which proves just how staged it really is

Is that a boat?

Whether it's Jack's ex Ellie coming into Casa Amor and trying to split up Jani, Samira leaving the villa for Frankie, or *THAT* twice-filmed kiss scene, it's impossible not to get sucked into all the drama and theories of what's really happened on Love Island 2018.

Since all the Georgia/Laura/Jack drama, everyone's been even more eagle eyed and looking out for anything else that seems staged. So all in one place, here's the proof we've all been waiting for, once and for all, that the nation's favourite "constructed reality" show might just be more constructed than reality.

The Beach Club party scene

That was one of the cringiest scenes in the whole of Love Island history, and it's become pretty obvious to viewers that the party scenes are staged to some extent, with Tom Zanetti reportedly being told off for trying to communicate with the Islanders.

But the beach club scene was something else entirely, especially when Dani shouted in excitement "Is that a boat?" even though there's clearly loads of boats in view already, it was just bad.

Oh and where did Georgia's nails go?

This is pretty high up there in the list of continuity errors which make you doubt everything. One moment, Georgia has some fabulous pink acrylics, the next, nothing on her nails. The very nature of constructed reality is collapsing in front of us.

Now, the producers said: "This was all filmed at the same time and it’s simply a different camera angle, with the light stronger in one shot than the other."

But her nails definitely do look shorter in the second picture. Does strong light melt nails?

Megan and Alexandra not speaking to each other in the villa despite having kissed in a music video

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Photos have emerged of the two before Love Island, and they even shared a kiss in a Giggs music vid, which Metro confirmed was definitely them.

It's clear they know each other quite well, but the two have barely made any interaction with each other. It seemed odd that Alex and Megan didn't greet each other when she entered the villa, and there's no explanation as to why this is the case either.

Laura's mystery moving glass during her break-up with Jack

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Last night, Jack dumped Laura. Shocking, but not as shocking as the camera tricks. One second, Laura's glass of wine is behind a cushion. The next it's in front of her and Jack on the table. Beauty and the Beast style walking kitchenware? Love Island moving into sci-fi with teleporting receptacles? What more proof could there be?

The argument between Dani and Georgia

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Our fave member of the Loyal Family

Poor Sam, we can't help but feel sorry for him with all this drama. Dani and Georgia kicked off at each other last night, but we're sure something was missing from that argument.

Although we can't be certain what it was, the most popular theory seems to be that Georgia threw her drink over Dani. Why? Her wine glass was nearly full one minute and empty the next, and Dani was seen wiping down her arm. Reality TV drink throwing – whether it's Made In Chelsea or Love Island – should be protected by law.

Idris telling Laura that Jack initiated the kiss with Georgia

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Idris must been the only person in the entire world who actually thinks this, and whether he said it because he genuinely believed it (unlikely), or he wanted to steal Laura off Jack (possibly), we think what's more likely is that the Idris/Laura date scene was staged to rile up Laura and cause some more drama just as things seemed to be simmering down. How unpredictable.

Laura's treatment in this scene caused 630 people to complain to Ofcom, who say they'll "assess these against our broadcasting code, before deciding whether or not to investigate."

When Kaz bought Josh over an iced coffee while he spoke about marriage

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Maybe Kaz really is just the sweetest girl ever, but surely it's no coincidence that she bought him over the best ever looking iced coffee while he was talking about marrying her, wifey material?

The hideaway moments which weren't shown

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When it emerged that not only Frankie and Samira's hideaway moments weren't shown, there was full on outrage from fans, who accused the producers of making it look like Frankie and Samira's romance wasn't working.

Then we found out that two more scenes had been cut; with Sam and Georgia's time in the hideaway AND Jack and Dani's second stint not being aired, or even discussed, it does raise a few questions about how much we've actually got to see of the couples.

When Eyal picked Hayley in the first recoupling even though it was clear they hated each other

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She couldn't even say his name properly

This seems like months ago now, but take yourself back to this moment just a few weeks ago, where Eyal picked Hayley in a recoupling despite saying that he didn't really like her, and had spent the whole day before talking about Kendall, leaving viewers to be suspicious early on.

Was the massive argument between Rosie and Adam staged?

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The very heated argument between Adam and Rosie – which led to him being accused of emotional abuse – was apparently all planned, according to Zara, who spoke about it in an interview with Adam for OK Magazine.

Zara said: "What the viewers don't know is that Rosie had been planning that chat all day. She'd written out the whole speech on her phone and had been rehearsing it. It wasn't a conversation, it was a speech, that's why Adam found it a bit funny".

Samira and Frankie's airport reunion

It's common knowledge to Love Island fans by now that the Samira and Frankie reunion was filmed twice, and the pair admitted to it on TV.

Samira admitted that she mistakenly walked past Frankie when she arrived back, telling Caroline on Aftersun: "I literally died. I actually walked past him a little bit."

The point is, even though they've been honest about it, it gives us EVEN MORE evidence that there's probably a load of scenes in the show are filmed more than one.

This Dr Alex moment was way too pure to be staged, though