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We worked out what the Love Island couple’s children would look like because we know you want to see it

If Eyal and Megan’s child doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will

Things move very quickly on Love Island; each of the couples quickly get down to business, talking about all kinds of intense things – what their favourite animal is, where they see themselves in five years time, and whether they want to start a family.

We spent our morning working out exactly what the Love Island couple's children would look like, and the results couldn't have been more frightening.

By using an app called MixBooth, we managed to create the most accurate representations of what each of the couple's children would look like.

We know this is ridiculous, but we're doing you a public service here. Everyone deserves to know.

Wes and Laura

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Wes and Laura's romance has been blossoming at a faster rate than anyone else's in the villa at the moment, and for a 20 year old, it doesn't seem like anything really scares Wes. He's said he's ready to think about marriage and starting a family and he seems pretty serious about this.

The only thing that would put Wes off the idea of getting married and starting a family with Laura is this photo. If he saw this, that would be the end of Wes and Laura. He'd run a mile.

Jack and Dani

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There's something quite endearing about this picture. Mind you, if anyone of you could name one thing that isn't endearing about Jack and Dani, I'd be impressed.

This picture shows how Jack and Dani are destined to raise a child who looks like they'd have a football party for their 7th, 8th and 9th birthday.

Jack and Dani's child would always have to have the same haircut as his dad, and would always want to wear the same clothes as his dad. They'd be inseparable.

Their child spend their entire life being told how he had his mother's eyes and his father's appetite, whilst Dani's mum (who they'd definitely call Nan) squeezes his cheeks and boasts to her friends about how wonderful her grandson is and how endlessly proud she is of him.

Eyal and Megan

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I don't quite understand how two such attractive people could be capable create such a monster?

If the compatibility of Eyal's curls and Megan's eyebrows say anything about how their relationship is going to go, then things are not looking good for them.

Even if Megan doesn't fully regret not choosing Alex right now, after seeing this picture she definitely would.

It's safe to say that Alex would have a very smug look on his face as he delivered this baby.

Alex and Megan

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I'm sorry but the whole world needs to see this. They are meant to be together. Megan made the wrong decision – Eyal is a snake.

Megan will soon come to realise that Alex is everything she's ever wanted when she gets bored of Eyal's boring chat, and has to watch Alex flirting with other girls. Her jealousy levels will go through the roof.

Ok, let's move on.

Alex and Samira

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This is simply wonderful. Now we know that Alex and Samira could create beautiful offspring, we'll sleep far better at night. Right now, they're both waiting for the perfect person to come into the villa.

They both know that they're just friends, and are merely sticking by one another until the right time comes for them to split (which is going to be so emotional, by the way).

If that day never comes, they'll always know that they could have beautiful children, and live happily ever after. Isn't that nice?

Adam and Rosie

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In case you hadn't noticed, Adam and Rosie don't have the best time together, which explains this botch. This goes to show how important it is to surround your baby in a pleasant environment before they are even born.

No baby in any womb would be relaxed when Adam is on the scene. He's enough to make anyone nervous because he can't go five minutes without getting up to no good.

However, I don't know about the rest of you, but this photo fills me with joy, because I know that Adam will always have thought how beautiful his children will be.

Let's be real, the gene pool Adam and Rosie offer is simply unreal, but I'd love to see Adam's face of shock and embarrassment when he came to realise he was responsible for this.

"Adam, this is your child."

"What you on about?"

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Josh and Georgia

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Here's the proof that Josh and Georgia's child would go to university and be one of the cheeky lads who gets all the ladies. Oh, and he'd love saying "Wenger out" in almost any context he could, just because.

Looking at this picture, their child would have siblings, but that's as far as it'd go. They're wouldn't be particularly pally, and they wouldn't chat very much when they're not with each other. They definitely wouldn't call each other "mates".

Charlie and Hayley

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Charlie would be rubbing his hands together if he ever saw this picture. Knowing that Hayley could provide his offspring with a set of eyebrows would be music to his ears, as I'm sure that's been something that's played on his mind for a very, very long time.

On a serious note, it's quite terrifying how Charlie looks hardly any different here – his cheekbones are marginally more defined, but that's about it.

The bottom line is Charlie and Hayley are a boring couple, so their offspring will also be boring.