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Haven’t got a grad job sorted? You can travel the world with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for £22k a year

Probs better than moving back home tbh

At this stage in your final year, most people have no real clue what they're going to do come graduation.

Some have locked down soulless finance jobs, others make a meagre living doing something they care about, but the majority remain pretty clueless to what they even want to do.

So if you're in the majority, why not apply for a job with the royal family doing their communications?

The Royal Family are currently seeking a communications assistant to work in Buckingham palace with a salary of £22,000.

The job posting on the Royal Household website says that the Windsors are looking for someone "educated to degree level" with "energy, enthusiasm and potential".

This entry level job requires you to manage the news briefings, social media and press releases for the royals as well as joining them on international trips and "important visits".

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The job posting in full

In return for your "excellent interpersonal skills" you'll be paid £22k a year and have 33 days holidays as well as a pretty decent pension contribution.

The job posting doesn't specify exactly which members of the royal family you'll be working for but as the start date is listed as April 2018, it's not crazy to assume that Harry and Meghan might need some extra PR support ahead of their big day.

Alternatively, Kate is due to give birth around April, so there's a chance you could be working for their new baby who will no doubt be keen to get their PR sorted before turning one.

If any of this seems like it's worth it, you have just over 24 hours left to apply.