It’s official, Fabric is finally re-opening

It’s a massive win for London’s nightlife

After its controversial close earlier this year, a petition signed by thousands, protests and a hard-fought appeal, legendary London nightclub Fabric is set to re-open its doors.

Leaked council documents suggested that the council had been searching for an excuse to close Fabric for a while, performing undercover investigations that targeted the club itself rather than any dealers that were inside. But now the Farringdon club is allowed to re-open under new legal requirements, but a date for this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

With over half of London’s clubs having closed in the past eight years, DJs and revellers alike saw the attempt at closure leaving an uncertain future for the rest of London’s nightlife, but Mayor Sadiq Khan was keen to keep it open. He previously released a statement urging the police and council to find “an approach that protects clubbers’ safety & the future of the club,” and thankfully, that’s exactly what happened.

Today, Khan posted on his Facebook page: “As Mayor, I’m delighted that agreement has been reached and that Fabric will now reopen. We needed to find a common-sense solution that protects both the future of Fabric and the safety of all clubbers – and we have. I especially want to thank Islington Council for working so hard to help find a solution,” and went on to discuss the issues surrounding London’s nightlife.

Fabric posted this heartfelt note on their Facebook:

We are hugely thankful to be able to confirm the news that we have won our licence back. We owe everything to our supporters. We really would not be here today without your unparalleled support and generosity. So many different people stepped up to put their voices to our cause, artists from all corners of the music community, fellow promoters who have put on huge events from us and clubbers from around the world who all united behind us. We’ve even seen people sporting their #savefabric T Shirts on the other side of this planet showing just how big this thing is.

So, thank you to all of you. Without the strength of your backing this would not have happened.

You saved Fabric.

We’ll be back with some news about #saveourculture and our next steps when we can.

Judge Robin McPhee made the final decision after the club’s management agreed a new set of conditions for running with the club.

The approved conditions were taken from a 155-page long “gold standard” document for security that Fabric put forward in November, and include restrictions such as the venue’s age restriction bumped up to 19+, undercover surveillance inside the club, stricter searches and new CCTV within the club. They also agreed that anyone caught with or selling drugs would receive a lifetime ban from Fabric.

After hearing and passing the appeal at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, Judge Robin McPhee concluded: “I am satisfied that the council and Fabric pulled together to get a set of workable conditions to prevent drug use and supply future.”

Ranjit Bhose, speaking for Islington Council, said: “What the council has been concerned with is whether Fabric can operate with a true zero tolerance towards drugs. We are now satisfied revocation of the licence is not necessary. Fabric has accepted procedure for searching and drug dealing within the club were not sufficient. It has now accepted 38 new conditions as well as its 155-page operating manual. The authority is satisfied Fabric understands what has to be done.”

The news comes as a huge relief to London’s clubbers, DJs and musicians. To close such iconic clubs is to lose part of what makes it the city it is, and London is lucky to have a Mayor who is as enthusiastic about keeping the city running as its residents.