I did a full face of make-up using only lipstick

First came the highlight challenge, now this

So recently, when I was travelling back from holiday, the airline lost my bag. Understandably, I was devastated. All of my good makeup was in there so when I came home, I was left with the bits and pieces of crap quality makeup and too dark foundation; all the stuff I never ever use. Total nightmare.

Eventually I managed to find a foundation, a somewhat dried up mascara and an eyebrow pencil, result. I was looking up how to stretch the rest of it to create an acceptable face of makeup and I came across a girl who did it using only lipstick.

She manages to look pretty flawless, and the more I searched, the more girls I found looking banging with only lipstick on their face. I looked around my flat and found a few neglected lipsticks, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I quickly found that the main differences between me and these blogging beauties were my complete lack of make-up skills and my pitiful range of lipstick shades. I only have two neutral lipsticks , so I was pretty limited when it came to pseudo-foundation. I had one very light with a pink tinge and one fairly dark with a red tinge. It was the best I was getting.

It’s a pitiful selection really

I used the lighter shade like highlighter and my face started to go pretty pink, pretty quickly. The average person doesn’t have the make-up collection that these bloggers have (well, at least I don’t) and I definitely didn’t have any lipsticks the exact same colour as my face. It looked pretty ridiculous, but my hopes were still high.

Then I went at the darker shade for the rest of the contour. The cream consistency of this lipstick made it difficult to blend, so I looked very like it was my first time applying makeup. That was difficult to look at. On top of that my face was incredibly greasy and I felt like I was melting. Not a good look and touching my face was disgusting.

After this stage, I had to be a bit more creative. There wasn’t even the slightest chance of me choosing pink or peach for the eyeshadow, because I would look terrible, and I had already used the brownish colour on my face. I decided on my darkest purple, almost black, for eyeliner and a slightly lighter purple for eyeshadow.

I know I could have left the eyebrows natural, but I was entertaining myself quite a bit with my strange choices  and I have zero eyebrows so I decided to fill them in purple too.

By this point, my face was shiny as hell from all of the greasy lipstick on my face, but it kind of doubled as a highlighter in certain lights and I was surprised at how passable it looked.

The purple eyelids looked horrendous, but that was nothing to do with the lipstick itself, it was to do with the fact that I outgrew purple eyes by age 10. Some girls look absolutely incredible rocking that shade, but I look like I’ve been punched in the face and then got pink eye.

The purple eyebrows made me happy. I’m not going to lie guys, I kinda liked it.

Then came the decision of what to actually put on my lips. I decided to go as full on as possible and rocked a split lipstick, top half pink, bottom half orange. This did not go well.  I’d say I looked like I was practicing my makeup for day one clown school, but that would be offensive to clowns. Again, I think this is because of my terrible colour choices rather than the fact that it was lipstick; bright makeup does not suit me.

Although some bloggers look fantastic with a full face of lipstick, not everyone has a million shades at their disposal or the technical ability to make it look normal. It did look ridiculous, but part of me is considering dyeing my hair and my eyebrows purple now.