There’ll be rain in Scotland while everyone else has sunshine

It seems there won’t be as many short sleeves as they might have hoped

While most of the UK finally has some sunny weather, Scotland and Northern Ireland are expecting to experience a downpour. Edinburgh and Glasgow are set for heavy rain, averaging at 13 degrees, and Belfast isn’t looking any better. However, those living more in the North of Scotland won’t be getting the worst of it.

As the week progresses there’ll still rain around central Scotland and 16 degrees and some parts of the North. Lairg is expecting a heavy shower rain but there will be light. If you’re lucky enough to be in the south-west you should be getting sunny intervals. In Northern Ireland, Derry Londonderry has most of the sunshine with Belfast still experiencing a light shower day. Lower parts of the country will just be settling with clouds.

It seems Wednesday morning is going to trick the majority of Scotland with it’s light start before the rest of the day begins to cry with rain coming in the afternoon into the evening. West Scotland seems to be getting the worst of it. Northern Ireland has itself a pretty dull day with rain spells occurring throughout.

Thursday is allowing most of you to have a dry day however getting later rain comes straight back to Northern Ireland. Fort William is expected to experience the most rain this day however it could all cheer up with some sunny intervals expected in the west of Scotland towards the evening. Sorry Northern Ireland, but you’re mostly cloudy.

Friday morning brings most of you light clouds and dry weather other than Strathyre who are expecting a light rain in the morning. Midday sees the majority of both countries to be lightly cloudy but Scotland are due some sun with sunny intervals throughout. Edinburgh is looking at its first sunny day of the week reaching highs of 18 degrees. As evening comes both Northern Ireland and Scotland are hit with more light showers whilst the sun will still attempt to remain however south-east and areas including Berwick-Upon-Tweed get to keep dry.

Starting the weekend off on Saturday the North and South-east of Scotland remain dry with clouds however North and south-west get rain with Tarbet receiving the heaviest of it. Northern Ireland stay a little less wet with Belfast and Enniskillen experiencing showers throughout the day.

It seems Scotland and Northern Ireland aren’t going to be getting what you would expect from July.