Edinburgh Uni to completely divest from fossil fuels within the next three years


Gun fingers, gold chains and topless thirst traps: Can someone check if Liam Payne is okay?

Pretty sure people from Wolverhampton don’t say ‘yall’

There’s a Durham student writing her dissertation on memes

No, we aren’t talking about the Richard Dawkins kind

McDonalds is offering a romantic three-course meal for Valentine’s Day

Is this what dreams are made of?

Fight erupts at Jacob Rees Mogg event held at UWE

His talk was interrupted by anti-conservative hecklers

We’re back with the best dressed of the week, did you miss us?

Of course you did

Lidl ripoffs that are so shameless they should probably just apologise to the original brand

Nutella? Don’t you mean Notella

The results are in: These are the most try-hard unis in the country

Your votes have been counted

Edinburgh’s new VC just got a 33 per cent pay increase, despite the lecturer pension strikes

Easy for some

Spencer Matthews just proposed to his girlfriend on a Lion King backstage theatre tour

You’d at least want it to be Les Mis

These are officially the unis with the most private school students

Or the ‘chav socials aren’t offensive’ league

Which one of these uni girl starter packs accurately reflects your life?

You’re the Hot Mess, aren’t you?

I did every irritating thing in the library and watched people get annoyed at me

It was a terrifying moment realising just how angry stressed students can get

This gym is removing a ‘motivational’ sign from the wall after a disabled student claimed it was ableist

She called it ‘subtle ableism’

Harley from Love Island is now an estate agent in Norwich

Quite the career change

These UoB students woke up to find a stranger on their sofa who cooked all their food and stole their toaster

He waved at one of them when he woke up

Apparently, someone has a £429,496 fine from the library

Better be extending your overdraft ASAP

Final year student has laptop stolen in Pret, with entire dissertation due in two weeks

Her dissertation research was also in the laptop case

Can you guess these British high street shops just by their god awful changing rooms?

Topshop lighting makes me want an acid peel