‘Don’t be a Jew’: First year Anti-Semitic physics group chat exposed

One student commented ‘6 million Jews is not enough’

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Guys this isn’t Oxford

‘She looks like a rape victim’: Here are even more rape threat messages from the Warwick boys group chat

The name of the group chat was ‘Fuck women disrespect them all’

Edinburgh second years were given an exam with the answers written in the paper

A whole section worth 65 per cent will be discounted

11 Warwick students suspended for threatening to rape female Warwick students in group chat

‘Sometimes it’s fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls’

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I spent a whole week on campus wearing my pyjamas – but would anyone notice?

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The real Dumping Ground from Tracy Beaker is in Cardiff, and we visited it

The DG is one of the seven wonders of the world

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Protesters blasted Lily Allen’s ‘Fxck You’

Jonny Mitchell from Love Island accepts role in a pantomime as work dries up


Unis no longer allowed to ban controversial people from speaking on campus

If they do, they may even get fined

Fourth year Bristol electrical and engineering student confirmed dead

The university are encouraging those who need help to come forward

There are MORE shocking allegations of Marcel cheating on Gabby while they were together

Honestly when will this torture end

Breaking: Some of the students in the racist Law group chat have been expelled

Others have been suspended and given ‘significant sanctions’

Marcel from Love Island has allegedly cheated on Gabby while they were on holiday together and she had no idea


A University of Edinburgh staff member has been convicted after installing cameras in ladies’ toilets

He has been placed on the sex offenders register for two years

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