The Agony Uncle
Uncle A is The Tab's resident Agony Uncle. Dispensing honest, no-nonsense advice, A tends to the emotional wounds of the whole spectrum of Cambridge community, from puny freshers to crumbling tutors. A enjoys sudoku, strong cheddar, and the occassional scotch.

Uncle A: “Popular” Protest

Uncle A’s back, and he’s getting all topical! That’s right, he went there (the occupation).

Uncle A: Being A Lad

UNCLE A gives his advice for organising swaps and being a massive lad.

Uncle A: Surviving Freshers’ Week

Uncle A is back, and this week he’s solving freshers’ problems.

Uncle A on Investment Banking

THE AGONY UNCLE advises Matt on the ins and outs of investment banking internships.

Uncle A Allays Facebook Fears

Uncle A encourages diligent student Pablo to enter the virtual minefield that is Facebook.

Uncle A: The Art of Dating

Hamishtheamish1008 is BACK! Uncle A contends with the repercussions of last week’s advice.

Uncle A Solves Banter Bother

This week, Uncle A dispenses wisdom on that most elusive of social skills: banter

Uncle A Tackles Tutor Troubles

What’s your problem? This week, Uncle A advises a troubled tutor.