Tegan Marlow

Royal Holloway Co-editor of The Tab

Tegan Marlow
Royal Holloway


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OK, let’s just accept that virginity is a myth

There’s honestly no such thing as losing your virginity stop telling girls there is pls

The ultimate guide to being a decent dude

How not to be a twat in 2016

Why don’t we teach young men how women’s bodies work?

It’s like we’re afraid to talk about it

An idiot’s guide to university feminism

‘When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like oppression’

Stop trying to explain football to women

We either know already, or we don’t care

Meet the second year running in the local elections

He’s standing to be the local borough councillor for Englefield Green East

I have freckles – and Match.com’s new Tube ad is total nonsense

It says they are an ‘imperfection’

Here’s everything you need to know about vaginas

There are a lot of myths that need busting

I can’t understand people who don’t like dogs

For real, what’s wrong with you?

The Summer Ball line up has been announced

It’s gonna be a big one

Bebo was the best social network we’ve ever had

It defined a generation

An ode to MooMoo Clubrooms: The greatest club in Hampshire

We’ll never go anywhere else

I have an unhealthy addiction to chicken nuggets but I’m fine with it

Don’t judge me for my unrefined taste

All the things you think you know about cheerleading are wrong

It’s pretty damn dench

What the hell is that noise in the Moore Annexe?


Toast at Medicine is the new, amazing way to spend your Monday nights

You just can’t say no to £1.50 drinks

Getting paid to party: Roho’s Spotify brand rep on her dream uni job

She’ll sponsor your social and bring along her PS4

Why you should write for The Tab Royal Holloway next term

You know you wanna

Cactus Conor: ‘I will avenge the death of my cactus’

He made the fatal error of taking them to Monkey’s last night

‘Tampon Tax’ campaigners stage photo protest on campus

It’s a bloody mess

Blue Cross and Oxfam burned by arsonists

They set fire to donations outside the shops

Cheerleaders are letting you throw balls at them for Movember

It’s gonna be intense

If RoHo was a person in your friendship group

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t always invite them out

Example is coming to campus, but you’ll only get to see him if you study Music

Bet you regret taking Biomedicine now

Royal Holloway rises over 40 places up world uni rankings

See ya later SOAS

Why Kingswood isn’t the worst hall

Everyone else hates it, but Kingswood-ians should celebrate it

RHUL rakes in over £5,000 a year from student fines

That doesn’t even include library late charges

Monopoly Mondays are tragic and amazing

It’s so much like a school disco they even have a raffle