Maggie Fischer

Hey Barstool Bucknell, maybe don’t joke about sexual assault?

It’s really not that difficult

Men’s swim team sanctioned for ‘lewd, sexist and misogynistic’ email

The women’s team have also been sanctioned for underage drinking

Of course there’s a fucking Google Docs scam during finals

What else could possibly go wrong?

The biggest joke of the internet today was at Bucknell’s expense

Well actually…he dropped out.

Bucknell students petition to ‘exercise our right to free chalk expression’

‘The administration does not have the right to determine what is and is not acceptable speech on our campus’

A comprehensive list of Bucknell’s slang

Because it’s not called a ‘darty’ here

Who are the bands playing at Bison Sound this year?

tbh I thought Del Water Gap was a place

VOTE: It’s down to the final two, crown Lewisburg’s best bar

We need a tie breaker

Meet Bucknell’s favorite professor, according to

Elizabeth Armstrong is the top-rated professor at Bucknell

EXCLUSIVE: Trump expresses interest in building hotel in Lewisburg

He’s ‘attracted to the prep culture of Bucknell’

‘Lewisburg Stratfordians’ to put on Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’

‘It’s going to be super fun’

VOTE: What’s the best bar in Lewisburg?

Help us crown the reigning champ

Student accuses professor of giving her bad grade because she’s conservative – which he says is ‘simply not accurate’

Madison Cooney says the D and C+ are ‘by far the lowest grades she’s ever received’

Bucknell would win the tournament if it was based entirely on academics

Yeah, we’d beat Princeton

QUIZ: Will you survive until spring break?

Or will you drown in espresso and paper assignments?

Pennsylvania newspaper prints white pride flyers that say ‘God bless the Ku Klux Klan’

It was supposed to be part of a news story about the flyers

LIVE UPDATES: Everything happening as Bucknell strikes on behalf of the Strike4Democracy

‘We are on strike, stand up for what’s right’

Bucknell students organize ‘Day of Action’ in support of national ‘Strike4Democracy’

They’re encouraging professors to cancel class

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler’s new movie has totally ripped off Bucknell’s logo

Buckley University? They didn’t even change the address

Dean of Students says Professor Andrews ‘did not take issue with students based on their political views’ in new statement

Amy Badal released an official statement to The Tab

Despite it all, it’s pretty unfair for the press to accuse Melania Trump of being a hooker

Call them on their shit, Melania

Bucknell professor calls for ‘steep and lasting price’ to be imposed on students who invited Milo Yiannopoulos to campus

He sent out an ‘open letter to the faculty and students of Bucknell’

Christina Hoff Sommers, the ‘Factual Feminist,’ to speak at Bucknell

She claims ‘Men are the privileged sex’ is a myth

Donate to the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre on this new fundraising page

They’re in dire need of our assistance

QUIZ: How Bucknell are you?

Do you bleed orange and blue?

A definitive ranking of Super Bowl players by hottness because who cares about the actual game, right?

If we have to suffer through this, let us suffer together

We Brake For Nobody to hold ‘Groundhog Day Spooktacular’

Hear from WBFN’s members on why you should come

Someone mixed Golden Grahams into the Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the caf, and everyone’s freaking out

What kind of cruel world do we live in where we can’t have Cinnamon Toast Crunch in peace?

BREAKING: Bucknell students hold ‘walk out for the locked out’

‘No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here’

Bucknell students hold forum to discuss letter of demands

‘Frankly, we’re frustrated’

Limited and short-term: How mental healthcare is dispensed on US college campuses

We surveyed more than 40 schools to shine a light on flaws in the system

The absolute best protest signs from the Women’s March on Washington

‘Abort unwanted presidents’

Apparently even female leads aren’t allowed to speak much in movies

A new study proves how little women are speaking in top-grossing films

QUIZ: We know how your first night back in Lewisburg will end

Getting Flyson? Getting lucky? Both?

Pee fetish enthusiasts love Donald Trump now

We spent a day reading their chat forum

Write for The Tab Bucknell

We cover the stories you’re interested in hearing about, in a style you want to read

We spoke to the creator of Boy Bye Bot, the bot that rejects boys for you

The best way to bid farewell to fuckboys and Tinder weirdos

Hallelujah! This text bot will troll creepy guys so you don’t have to

Memorize this number

You can vote for Olivia Newton John as our Chrysalis artist

Are you hopelessly devoted to her?

I used lines from The Bachelor on Tinder and guys loved it

Fine, some of them were also very confused

I used lines from The Bachelor on Tinder and guys loved it

Fine, some of them were also very confused

2017 should be the year we ban the word ‘slut’

It’s outdated and derogatory

We want to hear about your experiences with mental health on campus

This is your final opportunity to contribute to our national survey

Bucknell responds to anti-Islamic and white nationalist flyers

‘I am disheartened but hopeful for the future, to say the least’

I tried taping my toes on a night out to see if it makes heels less painful

It seemed too good to be true

BREAKING: Anti-Islamic and white nationalist flyers found on Bucknell’s campus

‘Similar flyers were discovered in downtown Lewisburg’

Take The Tab’s mental health survey

All answers are anonymous

BREAKING: Swastika found in Bertrand Library bathroom stall

‘This anonymous act of cowardice is absolutely despicable’

There’s an anti-Trump wall in the ELC

‘He makes me feel unsafe’

VOTE: Should Bucknell have a dead week?

It’d be nice to get some time off…

This Nina Simone interview is the inspiration we all need right now

‘We will shape and mould this country’

This Nina Simone interview is the inspiration we all need right now

‘We will shape and mould this country’

Bucknell replicates famed ‘subway sticky notes’, invites students to share thoughts on the election

It’s modeled after the New York City display

Bucknell students demand ‘no toleration’ of election hate in letter to the President

‘We demand that you publicly state that the university will not tolerate the hate elicited and legitimized by the recent election cycle’

BREAKING: Hundreds of Bucknell students walk out of classes in solidarity

‘We will not continue life as normal and be passive when so many lives and rights are at stake’

There’s a petition to try and prevent a Trump presidency and it’s going mega-vi

‘Casting your ballot for Hillary preserves majority rule – the ‘sense of the people”

Bucknell students hold rally against President elect Donald Trump

‘Anybody a little angry? Anybody a little scared?’

A calm conversation with Joe Walsh, the man grabbing his musket if Trump loses

But he didn’t mean it literally

Everything you know if you’re a legacy

‘Both my parents went here’

The most cringeworthy ways guys have asked us out

Date me for 20 chicken nuggets?

An ode to Management 101 surveys

Come on, you know you love them

Everything you missed at Bucknell’s Take Back The Night event

‘To the survivors, the stories that have been heard and unheard, I see you and I hear you’

‘Culture of consent’ event sponsored by Bucknell Greek organizations

‘Get ready for a double dose of sexual empowerment’

I made John Podesta’s ‘creamy’ risotto, and I’m never going back

‘You won’t get that if you dump all that liquid at once’

This is what the internet thinks of Bucknell

Haters gonna hate

Take The Tab’s nationwide election poll here

Who’s got your vote?

Hundreds of Bucknell students march in solidarity for the silenced and marginalized

‘I’m mad we still have to hold marches about this shit’

Bucknell had 541 liquor law violations in 2015

But fortunately, there were no murders

Mad Money host Jim Cramer was at TKE’s super

He loves Bucknell and said, ‘I live here in my heart’

What you should actually do on family weekend at Bucknell

There’s more than to do than just super

We spoke to Brandon Stanton, the man behind Humans of New York

‘I’m very good at knowing when something is sincere and knowing when something is real’

Apply to intern with The Tab Bucknell

This isn’t your school newspaper

Bucknell officially has the best Greek life and student government

We’re ranked #1 twice in the Princeton Review

Hillary Clinton has a catheter: The best election clickbait so far

Did you know Obama banned the Pledge of Allegiance?

Tumblr isn’t a therapist’s office, and we need to stop treating it like one

‘Feeling better means you aren’t being yourself’

An honest packing list for freshman year at Bucknell University

Super Saturdays require more prep than you think

Bucknell is officially one of the best Universities in America

Obviously, we beat Lehigh

Bernie or Bust has gone on long enough – it needs to stop

Shouting over well-informed speakers does nothing for a cause

Bernie delegates just lost it and stormed out of the Democratic Convention

There’s a lot of tape being put on mouths

Crazed Bernie fans at the DNC just called me a ‘corrupt capitalist’

‘Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!’

An ode to your high school clique

They’re not as bad as you think

The best date you can go on is with yourself

Treat yo self

Girls confess how often they stalk their ex

When in doubt, find their mom’s Facebook page

Girls confess how often they stalk their ex

When in doubt, find their mom’s Facebook page

Firefly is the US Glastonbury you’ve never heard of

Or at least that’s what Mumford & Sons said

I tried every home remedy for thigh chafing so you don’t have to

You haven’t lived until you’ve had Pam on your thighs

How to get your head in the game for your first day at a summer internship

Spoiler Alert: It involves frappuccinos

What nobody tells you about working at an ice cream shop

It’s not all rainbow sprinkles and happiness

I got a tattoo when I was 18 and I didn’t regret it

It taught me more about more about decision-making and expanding my comfort zone than I ever could have expected

The ultimate finals survival guide

Don’t worry, you will survive

The algorithmic timeline is going to ruin Insta

Kiss goodbye to seeing your old high school ‘friends’ all the time

Growing up in Bernardsville gave me the best childhood I could’ve hoped for

From Lenny’s to Bouna, you’ll never fail to find a good slice