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We talked with a girl featured on ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ and the whole show sounds kind of terrible, tbh

No, MTV didn’t help pay for the party

We talked with a girl featured on ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ and the whole show sounds kind of terrible, tbh

No, MTV didn’t help pay for the party

This is how long Michigan students will spend studying for finals

It’s a lot.

So the trend in 2017 is to look like the kid people beat up in middle school…?

Everything nerd is cool again

So the trend in 2017 is to look like the kid people beat up in middle school…?

Everything nerd is cool again

A definitive list of the most what-the-hell ‘beauty’ tutorials of all time

‘Dick liner’ was only the beginning

Of course the artist behind The Charging Bull is pissed that the Fearless Girl is taking up his space

Are you surprised?

Michigan students have the most positive STD results in the country found that the University of Michigan had the highest amount of positive results out of any school they’ve seen.

Michigan has some of the hardest working students in the country

The school was ranked among others such as Westpoint, Yale, and Harvard.

Just a bunch of tweets you’ll find funny if you go to Michigan

“Body at ugli heart at Rick’s”

People are stealing Michigan email addresses and selling them on the dark web

Michigan has the highest rate of university email theft in the country.

Michigan officially announced that there won’t be a commencement speaker and people are furious

Instead, the ceremony will feature several speeches from faculty and students, along with a video of multiple speakers.

Michigan student facing jail time after lying about being attacked by a Trump supporter

She could face up to three months in jail and a $500 fine

Plane carrying Michigan men’s basketball team slides off runway

None of the passengers on board were injured

Here’s how you can participate in ‘A Day Without A Woman’ without missing class

For when you want to stand up to the patriarchy but you still have an exam to pass.

Students on edge over series of armed robberies

There have been four robberies in the past ten days.

Missing student found dead in his car

The 26-year-old was found dead in his car on Tuesday.

‘I’m not welcome here’: Meet the astrophysicist who won’t be coming to Michigan because of Trump’s immigration ban

Azi Fattahi was offered a postdoctoral research fellowship at Michigan.

Protesters gather at DTW to rally against refugee ban

“Don’t ban my family.”

Umich refuses to release students’ immigration statuses

“Campus police will not partner with federal, state, or other local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law except when required to do so by law.”

Here’s how you can help after the Ann Arbor Women’s March

You bought your ‘Nasty Woman’ tshirt and marched from 5th to the diag. Now what?

QUIZ: Which ‘Bachelor’ front-runner are you?

Are you more Christen or Corinne?

The Tab Michigan is looking for writers

Be part of the global media franchise reaching 8 million people every month

All the best signs from the Ann Arbor Women’s March

Uteruses before duderuses.

It’s time to celebrate the ghosts of middle school dances past

Flo Rida will always hold a special place in our hearts

Michigan falls behind for low-income students

Ever wanted to know who makes up the 1%? Look around you.

Jabrill Peppers to enter NFL draft

Say it ain’t so

Why Michigan winters are actually awesome

A few things to remember while you’re dreaming of that spring break trip to Cabo.

Michigan football player Grant Perry charged with sexual assault

The sophomore was arraigned Wednesday.

Police investigating after student forced to remove Hijab near East William St

Her attacker threatened to light her on fire

Harbaugh canceled press conference to go to the Hillary rally, everyone freaked out

In case you missed it, Obama congratulated us on that 9-0 season

Video: UMich student confronts Champion’s owner in anti-Israel rant

‘I don’t want to shop at a place where I’m offended’

Obama’s final message to America: Don’t vote for Trump

‘Trump is temperamentally unfit to be Commander-in-Chief’

Man in ISIS costume and ‘toy’ gun spotted on UMich campus

He wasn’t arrested because he didn’t commit a crime

Badass female characters to dress up as this Halloween

Of course Harley Quinn is one of them

Badass female characters to dress up as this Halloween

Of course Harley Quinn is one of them

Exclusive: UMich student who reported white pride posters speaks out

‘I hope UMich come out and say they don’t tolerate racism on campus’

We talked emergency contraception with the stars of MTV’s Girl Code

The funny girls got serious about women’s options

An ESPN analyst completely ripped apart Michigan’s fanbase

Paul Finebaum called us ‘pathetic’ and ‘from another planet’

Black Lives Matter responds to racially-charged campus flyers

Protesters sat in on the Michigan League debate last night

Former UMich student files motion to return to campus after alleged sexual assault

The female student has filed a breach of contract lawsuit to keep him from returning

We sat down with Mike Gustafson, co-owner of Michigan’s favorite book store

‘We aim to be a place where people can surprise themselves’

The ultimate University of Michigan bucket list

Go somewhere besides Sava’s

Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine speaks at the Diag

‘We’re good at a lot of things, but electing women to office isn’t one of them’

Fact: Go to Michigan if you want to be a billionare

Get that paper, Wolverines

Meet the Australian teen whose video about her school’s dress code went viral

‘We don’t live in the 50s anymore’

The controversial disease affecting women you’ve probably never heard of

Over 90 percent of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy cases are perpetrated by women

Obama and Biden are boycotting colleges soft on rape

They want schools to take more responsibility

The Senate has approved a bill requiring women to register for the draft

It’s drawn support from senators on both sides of the political aisle, with notable opposition from Ted Cruz

How many more people need to die before we make a change?

49 lives were taken in Orlando

We asked experts how to prevent the next mass shooting

Is it an issue of gun control, terrorism, or mental health?

Donald Trump on Obama and Orlando: ‘There’s something going on’

‘He’s got something else in mind’

Meet the southern style blogger who’s changed the App State insta game

She’s got thousands of followers

Meet the Berniecrats who are now voting for Trump

‘I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I’m an American’

Everything you know if you live in Metro Detroit

No, you’re not going to get shot

Everything you need to know about the Trump University lawsuit

And what it means for the GOP nominee

The problem with the ‘Fight for Fifteen’ campaign

If it sounds too simple, that’s because it is

No, America isn’t ‘Lost’

A response to the New Boston Post

How Mike Posner started a music revolution right in Ann Arbor

‘I expected maybe five people to come… but then all these people just came out of the woodwork to see me play’

Bloomberg attacks ‘trigger warnings’ at Michigan’s graduation ceremony

What do you think about the former mayor’s speech?

To the UMich Class of 2020

Advice from a rising senior

Michigan students responded to anti-Islam messages in the best way

‘Stop hate’

Someone wrote ‘#StopIslam’ in chalk on the Diag

‘Truth is a microaggression’

Every Michigan student should visit Detroit at least once

Your definitive guide to everything that makes the Motor City great

What we overheard at the St. Fratty’s darties

If you couldn’t make it out this year, here’s what you missed

Every type of person you’ll meet in your 8am

We can’t with The Morning Person right now

Sexist bullshit I’ve overheard at Michigan

From the comically clueless to the downright infuriating

What Hogwarts House should you be in based on your major?

Ross students are total Slytherins

It’s time to talk about Ann Arbor’s backwards rental culture

Something has to change

Tips to help you survive norovirus

As told by a victim of last year’s outbreak

University official confirms campus illness is ‘very likely’ Norovirus

Fewer than 30 students have sought treatment so far

People are claiming South Quad gave a bunch of people food poisoning

They are blaming undercooked chicken for some reason

A new law claims to protect college kids from sexual assault – it would do the opposite

A sexual assault survivor calls it ‘downright cruel’

There’s a Men’s Rights Activist group coming to Ann Arbor on Saturday

They’ll be at Nickel’s Arcade, Feb 6th at 8pm