Lauren-Rae Dodd
Deputy Editor, The Tab Northumbria
Deputy Editor, Northumbria Tab 'I think this girl only writes articles so she can constantly post pictures of herself somewhere other than Facebook, instagram or Twitter. Give up girl, we get it. You go out a lot. Jesus.' Journo third year, Northumbria Uni.

I went to Northumbria and now I coach the Rwandan football team

Look at me now

Clubbers of the week: Bumper exam blowout edition

You had to burn the last of your loans somehow

‘There shouldn’t be shy transgender women’: Meet Northumbria’s trans beauty queen

‘I’m massively about self-acceptance and I want everyone else to see that too’

Young woman sexually assaulted on Osborne Road

It is thought a taxi driver attacked her

‘I defy anyone to out-twerk me’: Meet Northumbria’s Clubber of the YEAR

I’ve been partying since the second I was 18 and I don’t intend on slowing down until I’m 80

Meet the law student model who overcame a life-changing disease at just 15

She’s on morphine 24 hours a day

Clubbers of the week

You should all have firsts in hangovers

Anorexia nearly ruined my life

Now I’m recovering I want to help others

All hail Empress: the mother of pre bars

We wouldn’t change your scaffolding for the world

Metro station blaze: Monument closed after electrical fire

It’s all gone on in Newcastle today

Burst pipe blunder turns tap water yellow and puts city centre on lockdown

You didn’t have any plans this morning, did you?

Girls, what do you think about chest hair on boys?

We have to know

Northumbria rake in over £32,000 in fines

The biggest fine to one person was £125

I’m in third year and I can’t swim

They don’t make adult armbands

Are the Irish more pressured to drink on St Paddy’s?

It’s not that easy being green

I really don’t give a toss about SU elections

And I don’t know what any of you actually do

Northumbria research will see men on mars

One small step for man, one giant leap for Poly kind

16-year-old boy arrested over rape near nightclub

He’s been released on bail

There’s a Professor Binns at Northumbria

And we had a Dr. Cullen, too

Heaton Road flats and shop damaged in fire

Turn the Heaton up

An ink thief sent divorce papers to my printer at 3am

‘It’s 10p a sheet. I will find you’

Newcastle Uni monkey torture blasted by High Council

The animals were ‘restrained in chairs and by the head for up to nine hours per session’

Northumbria does the best nights out

Go hard or go to Newcastle

Northumbria thrash Newcastle live on TV

The Polys took down the Toffs for the world to see on Our Creative North

Poly vs Posh – the ultimate showdown TONIGHT

We’re finally seperating the boys from the men tonight at 7.30

‘Being a model hasn’t made me any more glamorous’: Meet Northumbria’s fittest fresher

‘I’ve never emailed a lecturer saying I was too busy modelling for a seminar – they’d probably need a note for that’

Poly and posh team up to clean up

Putting aside our differences to better the community

I’m glad I didn’t go to a Russell Group uni

My life is better than yours

Northumbria hottie aces modelling competition

Beauty and brains rolled into one

Man jailed for raping teen on her birthday

The attacker pretended to help her home

Singles of the week: BA Hons Journalism

Can anybody find these somebody to love…

Steamy boiler room causes evacuation

Even the maintenance staff are complaining

I’m stuck in the box room of my house

It’s not like I’m bitter or anything

Heaton med student creates Bollywood blockbuster

The former student chose the silver screen over Shiremoor

I am terrified of tomato ketchup

Mortuusequusphobia is very real and justified

Newcastle clubs to introduce ID scanners

Is this the Matrix? No, it’s Perdu

Newcastle makes the cut for best night life

Everyone knows we enjoy the occaisional tipple

Newcastle feminists protest shooting in America

They made placards saying ‘Black Lives Matter’

Hooters sets its sights on Newcastle

How empowering

Jesmond landlords are some of the worst

We’re sick of rubbish landlords and crap letting agencies

Northumbria student jailed for illegal download site

He’s going to jail for two years and eight months

Northumbria students’ business hauls in 100k

Are these the most eligible bachelors in Newcastle?

Newcastle busker stalked by fangirls

He’s a class act

Where you should live in Newcastle

There’s more to the Toon than you know

Northumbria is geet mint, pet

Cheryl didn’t go to uni but if she did, it would have been Northumbria

Newcastle’s love for Greggs made official

The North East holds host to the most Greggs in Britain

Smashed teenager red cards drunk students in Tup Tup

‘It was all in good craic’

Northumbria student dies of suspected meningitis

A third year has died of meningococcal meningitis

Flares throwback and fry up. And Abz from 5ive.

Abz from 5ive sacked off The Big Reunion to play for Northumbria students and that is the exact reason he gave. Definitely.