Luke Dell
Geography undergraduate at Robinson College, Cambridge

REVIEW: Woman in Mind

Alan Ayckbourn’s tragicomedy is brought to Corpus with style and conviction by this extremely talented cast.

REVIEW: John and Jen

Corpus Playroom at its best.

REVIEW: Vanessa

This flawless rendition of Samuel Barber’s award-winning opera stunned Luke Dell.

REVIEW: Murmuring Judges

Luke Dell was thrilled with this adaptation of David Hare’s captivating institutional satire

REVIEW: The Forest Grimm

Luke Dell was thoroughly impressed by this poetic adaptation of the Grimm Brothers’ infamous fairy-tales.

REVIEW: Breathing Corpses

Luke Dell was captivated by the ingenuity of this brilliant play which was all at once moving, tense, and stimulating

REVIEW: The Pirates of Penzance

Luke was thoroughly impressed by this imaginative rendition of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most famous comic operettas.

REVIEW: Panopticon

Hilarious, entertaining and witty – Luke had high expectations of these three experienced Footlights comedy-makers and they failed to disappoint.

REVIEW: Improvengers Assemble

Peter Curry and Luke Dell think this show provides an intriguing window into the baffling minds of the Cambridge Impronauts.