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How I felt visiting Pitt post-grad

I never thought my heart would yearn for Cathy so much

Investigation of Communications Department climate ‘revealed failures of systems and failures of character’

Dean Kathleen Blee released a statement Thursday evening addressing the investigation’s findings

DA to seek death penalty in Alina Sheykhet’s murder

Her ex boyfriend, Matthew Darby, is accused of killing the student

We spoke to Carol Stabile about the reopened Title IX investigation of the Communication Department

In 2005, the Communications Department at Pitt was reviewed for alleged inappropriate relationships between faculty and graduate students. The review board found no evidence and closed the case. Three weeks […]

Stop what you’re doing and download Rave Guardian, the only campus safety app you need on your phone

No more scary night walks through South Oakland

Pitt faculty accused of inappropriate behavior toward female students and staff

A Ms. Magazine blog post accuses Pitt’s Communication Department of sexual harassment and inappropriate relationships with graduate students

Man who murdered Pitt student Alina Sheykhet denied bond in homicide charges

He is facing trial for the death of Pitt junior Alina Sheykhet

I put pumpkin spice on everything for a day…and I mean EVERYTHING

Pumpkin spice has many uses, especially if you like pain

‘The system failed her’: Petition to create Alina’s Law in order to protect victims of domestic violence

District Attorney Stephen Zappala supports the additions proposed

POLL: Are you just like every other Pitt student or a complete weirdo?

Be honest, you don’t only go out once a week

Matthew Darby arrested in connection to his ex-girlfriend Alina Sheykhet’s murder

He was arrested after a citizen reported seeing a man tampering with a window

Ex-boyfriend of Alina Sheykhet sought by police

Matthew Darby was arrested in September after breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment

20-year-old Pitt student found dead in Oakland apartment, homicide investigation underway

She died of blunt force trauma

Internet down in biology buildings on campus

Might as well go ahead and skip class, we know you want to

Students shut down hateful protesters outside Towers

An evangelical Christian group was heard yelling ‘go back to your mom’s basement!’

UPDATE: All classes in Cathedral cancelled until 6pm today

Police are surrounding the area

RANKED: These are the best Pitt residence halls, according to a new poll

The favorite might shock you

Hero bartender at Pitt kicks out Penn State fans for supporting the wrong team

‘They were riling up other people in the bar’

Pitt ranked as one of the top 100 colleges in the world

Because we’re 100 percent fabulous

POLL: Which dorm is the best to live in at Pitt?

We know everyone loves Nordenberg

Desiigner is coming to Bigelow Boulevard for Fall Fest

Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner

Stop what you’re doing and rejoice! Market added chicken tenders to their menu

They’ve made a few other changes, too

Write for us at The Tab Pitt

We’re not like your other campus newspapers

Mark your calendars because Therapy Dog Tuesdays have announced their return date

They just released the date of their first visit

Phone plans, travel, and packing: All the things I wish I knew before going abroad

Advice to every student on the best ways to save money and to have a successful study abroad from someone who’s been there

Our chancellor earns $536,520 and we can’t even afford a round at Hems

But tbh he’s so worth it

Amazing coffee shops in Pittsburgh that aren’t Starbucks

Cause we’re all over that shit at this point

Pitt ranked one of the top 200 schools in the world

We beat WVU

Everything you learn about Americans while studying abroad

We can be really, really loud

Pitt counseling center director, Edward Michaels, charged with possessing child pornography

The incident is causing student outrage and distrust of the counseling center’s integrity

Things you only know if you have ultra dry hair

Dry hair don’t care

I did the ultimate Kardashian workout for a week to see how each sister gets their trademark look

That booty doesn’t just make itself

You can send a personalized letter to President Trump today at Market Square

The project is set up until 2pm

We spoke to a female comic book enthusiast about working in the comic industry

Comics aren’t just for nerdy guys

The U.S. should takes notes from the Australian Aboriginals

Listen up, Mr. President

Freshman wrestler on ventilator after falling out of dorm window

He is still in the hospital

I lived like Ivanka Trump for a week

Girl drinks a lot of water

I lived like Ivanka Trump for a week

Girl drinks a lot of water

An ode to the girls working their asses off in beauty school so we can all look good

Because where would we be without blowouts?

My dog is my child and I’m not afraid to admit it

Yes I call myself mom

The top 10 classes all Pitt students should take before graduating

Trust your classmates on this one

Students create new anti-shatter phone accessory

No more waking up to cracked screens

What you need to know about the Fight for 15 action march

Students will be able to take a free bus from campus to downtown

Here’s a roundup of the best Joe Biden memes

Let’s laugh while we still can

Meet the Pitt students giving out free hugs in the wake of protests on campus

‘I want my friends to feel safe again’

‘No KKK, no fascist USA’: Pitt students protest Trump as President-elect

Police are on the scene

Meet the patriotic pets of this year’s election

Patriotism has never been so cute

‘I think white guys have really screwed it up’

A white guy on why he is voting for Hillary

‘Not all Republicans are pro-life, anti-women’s rights, Jesus lovers’

Meet the ones who aren’t

Steve Carell and Bryan Cranston shooting movie in Pittsburgh

No wonder they’re both on campus

Hillary Clinton will be at Pitt once more tomorrow morning

She will be discussing her vision for an America that is stronger together

Las Palmas shut down for health code violations

Let’s have a moment of silence

Having a CEO as a mother teaches you a lot about the real world

Major key – they don’t want you to be smart for yourself

Two Pitt students flipped a Trump table outside of Hillman

The Trump supporters have since become the target of aggressive comments

Petition launched to replace Pitt psychiatrist

Sign it here

Kim Kardashian’s selfie app ‘Perfect365’ makes me not trust Instagram

You can give yourself a facelift

Kim Kardashian’s selfie app ‘Perfect365’ makes me not trust Instagram

You can give yourself a facelift

The people have spoken and the fly is our answer

Fly for president 2016

We spoke to the Pitt student behind the Harambe shirts

He’s on his way to being a fashion designer

Take The Tab’s nationwide election poll here

Who’s got your vote

Frenchi’s Deli is holding an event to benefit the homeless

It’s called FRENCHI 1Meal 1Love

We spoke to Pitt’s real life mascot, Sammy the Parrot

They have a very interesting back story

Anti-abortion protesters line outside St. Paul Cathedral

They lined Fifth Avenue with anti-abortion signs for ‘Respect life Sunday’

What it was like actually doing the ‘ultimate presidential debate workout’

I definitely felt the Bern

Ladies, let’s talk about perfume

Watch where you’re spraying that

The dumbest reasons students have skipped class

Yes, the sex was worth the absence

We gathered the best of Brock Turner burns on social media

They’re amazing and well-deserved

Arrests, scalping and heat exhaustion: Everything that happened at the Penn State game

We talked to a spokesperson from PGH Public Safety

Football fans are being treated for heat and intoxication at Heinz Field

Stay cool out there

Gretchen Carlson’s harassment claims were dismissed. Now she’s getting $20m

In July Ailes said the allegations were ‘without merit’

Therapy dogs will be on campus Tuesday

The therapy dogs are back to add cheer to your new college year

Pennsylvania is leaning towards Clinton for President

The polls say she has an 80 percent approval rating

Everyone is tweeting hilarious election clickbait headlines

#5 will make you laugh and then cry

Self driving Uber cars coming to Pittsburgh this month

We spoke to Pitt students and Uber drivers about their take on this new system

College hacks to get you ready for this semester

These tips will help you navigate school this fall

I lived like Kylie Jenner for a week

The worst part was her diet

I lived like Kylie Jenner for a week

The worst part was her diet

Simone Biles is adopted. I am adopted. Stop talking about how we are adopted

‘Try and tell us who our parents are’

Simone Biles is adopted. I am adopted. Stop talking about how we are adopted

‘Try and tell us who our parents are’

I went out in a revealing outfit and asked people what the hell they were looking at

Women were a lot more judgmental

How living through my teens with a single dad shaped me

When I got my first period he rushed off to CVS and came back with all the pads in the world

I lived the Tone It Up lifestyle for a week

The results were amazing

Things you know growing up spending summers around Rehoboth Beach

Thrashers will take you to fry heaven

I tried crazy home remedies to get rid of blackheads

There were a few that worked miracles

My first week working two internships in New York City

I get why they call it the city that never sleeps

My dream internship denied me, so I applied again

And now I’m interning for Harper’s Bazaar… and Badgley Mischka

We asked guys and girls what they think flirting is

If I laugh at you it’s because you’re funny, not because I wanna date

We asked guys and girls what they think flirting is

If I laugh at you it’s because you’re funny, not because I wanna date

The reality of working as a hairstylist

It’s not just playing hair and makeup when you work 75 hour weeks

I tried washing my face with beer for a week

Tastiest face-wash ever

I tried washing my face with beer for a week

Tastiest face-wash ever

Everything I learned in my first NYC internship

The fashion world is tougher than I had expected

What I learned from watching my friend go through an shitty relationship

Basically, she deserved better

Anthony DiNozzo is leaving NCIS and I’m devastated

Michael Weatherly’s beloved character, Tony, will be leaving after this season

A Mother’s Day appreciation message to my biggest inspiration

To the woman who proved you can do anything you set your mind to

I tried to stick to the Kardashian diet

You don’t realize how tough it is to live without dairy or gluten until you can’t have it anymore

Why I’m staying away from mainstream yoga

Yoga isn’t as amazing as everyone says it is

What’s the deal with these sites that claim celebs are moving to small towns?

Sorry, Johnny Depp isn’t moving to Pittsburgh

True Life: I’m addicted to the gym

I can’t go a week without working out or my life implodes