Christian Smith

The Battle of the Bulges

Put that Cliff Richard calendar in Poundland down, there’s some new sheriffs in town

Milking Goes Middle Class

Porting is the new craze sweeping Durham. It was only a matter of time really. Scroll down for the video.

Boxers closes amid police probe

In the wake of the bar’s voluntary closure, police are investigating incidents including suspected drug use, assault and inappropriate behaviour

Durham Students set off for London protest

Two coachloads of Durham students voyage down to London to voice their grievances at a National demonstration

Durham in GIF

The Tab makes use of revolutionary technology to bring you an insight into the life of a Durham student

Cuth’s Rugby Banned after Jimmy Savile social

Cuth’s Men’s Rugby Club appeal unsuccessfully against a term-long playing ban

‘Cattle Herding’

Students greet new one-way system at Freshers Fair with tepid enthusiasm

Freshers’ Week: £140

Colleges are charging third years £20 to stay in their rooms during Freshers’ Week, leaving colleges empty

Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?

Tough economic conditions have seen students seeking relationships with older men for financial security

The Italian Job

Students hit out after Fabio’s bar gets later licence despite “unbearable” noise

Oriental Museum reopens after £2m heist

University museum reopens after the return of £2million worth of Chinese artefacts.


Thieves make off with a £2million Chinese takeaway from Durham University

College bar games make over £200 a week

Information released by Durham University has estimated that the 22 games located in college bars make £201 a week in total.

Library to open 24/7

The university’s libraries will be keeping their doors open 24 hours a day for the last week of Epiphany term and for five weeks in the Easter exam period.


18-year-old Malaysian girl, Uni Unay, becomes an internet sensation.

Medieval uprising threatens Durham

Is Durham’s Treasure Trap a force for good or evil?

Student Outrage at Klute Takeover

Students up in arms as Klute changes hands

Durham Police to Hand Out Sweets

Harebrained police scheme to hand out sweets after nights out

Corruption Scandal at Durham University

University linked to corruption case.

Caught on Camera: The Pheasant Thief

Exclusive footage of the pheasant whisperer in action