Ben Kennedy

13 More Shit Degrees

No degree is safe: Ben Kennedy and Laura Hutchinson continue to ignorantly explain why your degree sucks.

New Course Available for Drunken Students

Students caught drunk and disorderly in Notts could half their fine and potentially avoid a criminal conviction.

How to lose votes and alienate people

Tired of being hassled by gormless grinning candidates? Ben Kennedy tells us the 5 most infuriating aspects of this year’s SU election.

Harlem Shake? Harlem Shit

Tired of the YouTube craze? Ben Kennedy sure as hell is.

Results Day Ruckus

As the uni screws up results day yet again, one of our editors vents his anger right into your screens.

Are coursework extensions a cop-out?

Student gets extra time for a snotty nose – is it really this easy to get extra time on assessments?

Shit Gifts: For the Posh and the Penniless

Stumped for gift ideas this Christmas? The Tab’s got it covered whether you’re rich or poor…

EU gives students abroad the finger

As the EU considers to cut the Erasmus grants, what impact will this have upon students and universities?

Roaccutane changed my life and I didn’t get depressed

If anything, it prevented depression

To Beard… or Not to Beard?

When Movember ends, should we continue down the path of beardliness or return to our sensible shaven lives?

Fresher Year: 2:1 or Do One

Should fresher year count towards our degree? Or would this ruin the best year of our lives?

Is Notts Posh?

After Trent students call UoN students ‘posh twats’, should we accept the label we’ve been given?

Halloween Costumes: Scary or Sexy?

What is the real aim of Halloween costumes? To scare people off or sex them up?

Is your degree worth 9k?

The Tab asks whether some subjects are better value for money than others?