Andrew Dickinson

Andrew Dickinson


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Shitlist: Week eight

Be strong, it’s nearly over. And avoid the following:

Review: ‘Assassins’

Occasionally misses the mark, but a strong effort nonetheless.

‘Genius’: a short film by Tom Edkins

Continuing our coverage of the OBA Short Film screening, we show you our pick of the bunch, ‘Genius’

Interview: Ben Cohen, director of ‘Backtrack’ at the OBA Short Film Screening

We talk to Ben Cohen about his film charting nostalgia, drugs and 90s rave culture.

Review: Monkey Bars

This is sweet, unpretentious drama.

Shitlist: Week six

Oxford’s smelliest events in week six

Hotlist: Week five

What’s hot and what’s hotter in week five

Jerusalem: A play of fights, fares and furious f*****g

Another massive hitter for 4th week

Hotlist: Week three

How to dance, drama, drum, disco and DJ in third week.

Shitlist: Week two

Three reasons to stay in your room this week

Hotlist: Week one

How to go out, get smart and be cultured in First Week