Aggie Romeril

Gold Rush: A How-To Guide

It’s here…Aggie Romeril introduces the highlight of any third-year singleton’s university experience.

Simply a pleasure

The Tab’s intrepid reporter Aggie Romeril steps inside Exeter’s most infamous pink doors.

Beach Break Live Early Birds On Sale Now!

First tickets on sale for just £89.

The Tab Visits: Urban Burger

Anyone for a SHAG?

Aggie Romeril talks sexual health and guidance with Lucy and Matt from Exeter SHAG Society.

Why Women Aren’t Funny

Humour may be a cruel mistress, but she’s definitely bros before hoes on this one.

Confreshions: the week that the world couldn’t stand still.

"I just left my knickers in the tutorial"

Anti-Valentines Dates: Suggestions for Cheap-skates and Charlatans

Aggie Romeril offers some suggestions on how to absolutely ruin the life of your insignificant other.