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For/Against is back, and this week we’re debating TRENDY MEN. Is a bit of fashion effort essential for the boys too, or are those trendy men just “plain wrong”?


I like boys who make an effort, and I like boys who dress well. No matter how flowing their locks, or how chiselled their cheekbones; if they are wearing a two wolves, one moon t-shirt, or a hideously non-descript band hoody, I have no interest whatsoever. That being said, I wouldn’t really like it if a guy was bang up to date, and following actual male catwalk trends, as and when they hit the shops.

In fact, I don’t even think the designers themselves would be in favour of that. No one wants to see the Cambridge male population stalking the King’s Parade top to toe in yellow (brogues, socks, shorts, blazer, bizarrely rimmed sunglasses) as Louis Vuitton (S/S 2010) would deck them out.  Nor, do I think, would any girl be too happy if her boyfriend turned up on Suicide Sunday in turban, hair-flowers (?!?) and skirt, a la John Galliano’s models in Paris Fashion Week.

Men’s catwalk styles are notoriously quirky (insane), so if this is asking, do I want men to inspect the pages of Vogue and co. for the latest head dress trend (oh dear), my answer would be no. I do think however, that as girls are putting in so much effort, it is not too much to ask that boys update their wardrobe, at least on occasion.

If you are still wearing your favourite skater jeans from your early teens, shoes so chunky that your feet look more like clubs, or any sort of slogan t-shirt AT ALL head down to Topman and grab yourself some slim-fits, a checked shirt and a cardigan, and maybe even oh go on some brogues (NOT yellow). This is a good starting point- and from here on-onwards, maybe update with an item once a month or so.Then, once you have learnt the basics, you can graduate from Topman and voila (!) the high street (and asos man) is your oyster.

Not only will this will be easier on the eyes than your previous (Quiksilver/Rip Curl?!?) get-up, but you may be able to bag yourself a lovely and equally stylish lady in the process!


So here’s my problem, I don’t think I like trendy anything. Especially men.

Dwell for a moment, if you will, on what trendy does for you. Is it reminiscent of parents tyring to be hip (yes, all of these words must be cordoned off from the rest of acceptable human vocabulary with inverted commas) as they chat about flared jeans or whatever else it is they perceive the kids to be down with? Does it conjure images of the young trend section of Hennes which we all know is basically where they flog the tackier stuff. This is precisely the problem with trendy it tries too hard, it’s one accessory beyond stylish.

When I think of trendy men I think of Peter Andre which in turn reminds me of waxed chests and his tears on Sky News. This makes me sad. On reflection, he’s not really even that trendy, or possibly even a man (can a life size Ken be an actual man?) but I can’t help the fact that he shimmies into my mind at the mention of trendy men. Ergo, the trendy man is just PLAIN WRONG. More logically speaking, I do like a stylish man, like the Milanese men on the Satorialist, I’m talking classic suits made easy, beautiful shoes and ruffled hair . These are men that don’t have to try to look that good, it just comes naturally. I do not, on the other hand, like my men to rock out like Rihanna in the latest fashion forward catwalk looks. Step away from those man-glads (yes, the catwalk has tried to reclaim the gladiator sandal for men) and just don’t do it. Please?