Veterinary Medicine, Queens’.

After reading the sexcapades of a certain LGBT blogger in his first term, Tom decided to pick up a pen and write about his experience of life as a normal(ish) gay man in Cambridge. After being described as a “cliché 80s beardy weirdy” by one reader, and a “literary g-e-n-i-u-s” by another, The Tab is excited to see what Tom will come up this term. When he is not writing about relationships, you can usually find Tom in Caffe Nero or QBar ranting about them - whilst avoiding anatomy learning.

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TOM RASMUSSEN injects some POP! into your outfit. Check out this week’s shoot for some key colour blocking tips.

With week 8 approaching, and end of term tiredness kicking in it’s time to have some fun with your wardrobe. Experiment with your brightest colours; mish-mashing unlikely hues to create a statement look. When it comes to shopping, forget your Winter woes and look ahead to Spring. Don’t shy away from brights, metallics and even the transparent (…you’ll see what I mean). The most important thing with colour blocking, however, is to keep it simple. Guys – don’t be afraid to look to the women’s trends for the season, and make sure you check out the womenswear section in your favourite high street shops. Ladies – be bold with the make-up: different colours on each lip and simple, colourful eyes add just the right amount of drama.



Styling: Tom Rasmussen

Photography: Eliska Haskovcova

Models: Rina Sawayama and Charlie Parham

All clothes from Topshop and Zara

  • nice one, once again

    I love TABFASH wooo!

  • Tom Rasmussen

    …is incredible.

    • Eliska Haskovcova

      …is as well!!!

  • Glamrou

    FANTASTIC. I love the image where the highlights in the hair move with the shape of the pose! Some really great photography here!

  • YES


  • Male

    'Guys – don’t be afraid to look to the women’s trends for the season, and make sure you check out the womenswear section in your favourite high street shops.'

    I'll pass.

    • Validation

      That furtive eyeballing of Le Reve Lingerie on the way to Sainsbury's is fashionable now. What a relief.




    amazing, excellent set of photos. GO TOM.

  • Ridiculous

    Aww cute little Eton boy

    • Fabulous

      He's cute all right, but not that little. Don't feel bad though.

  • Admirer

    Rina is a babe.


    1. cripps
    2. colour blocking
    3. parham

  • Fan

    8th pic down is something else! Great work guys, and it seems to get better every time.

  • Katamari

    I want to be rolled by Rina.

    • Jamie Redknapp

      I'd rather smash it, go round there any night and you'll find me hanging out the back of it

  • Admirer #2
  • Wok Gan

    These people look like they were dressed by a blind monkey.

    • which then

      …vomited on them.

  • Curious

    why isn't it fashionable to smile in photos? it must be so tiresome to smoulder all day.



  • Will & Gareth

    This is absolutely fantastic. Well done babe xxxxx

    • Will Lawrenson xo

      I definitely do not agree with this. fu tom ras

  • harry prance

    what an absolute tool you are tom, the guy and the girl look ridiculous in every picture. stop prancing around with clothes and be a vet

    • Bemused Prance

      Tom Rasmussen is great. That is all x

  • Topshop

    she put her top on backwards…. you can even see the tag

    • Tom Rasmussen

      Nah, it's arty. You wouldn't understand, sorry.

  • Economistfartypants

    Why is Rina wearing a plastic bag….

  • Docks

    these shoots are just bloody excellent.
    transparent raincoat: INSPIRED.

  • Fan I Am

    this is inspirational! tab fashion will be MISSED over easter!!

  • MiamoParhiamo

    Charlie – you've had those same converse since our GRP days. Cambridge couldn't spring for a new pair for the shoot? Not like school days then….

  • Cripps Resident

    Why didn't I know this was going on right outside my window?! boobs!

  • Lahwells

    Very nice mix of ideas here. The dip-dyed bob looks excellent!