Sebastian Salek


Clare, Law Despite being strictly forbidden to in a recent email from his Director of Studies, Sebastian is still with The Tab as co-News Editor. Highlights of his Cambridge career so far include walking into David Blunkett’s guide dog and uttering the damning line “Sorry, I didn’t see you there” as well as honouring his namesake by being sick out of his college wife’s window, a move otherwise known as the ‘reverse Brideshead’.

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Restaurant Review: CAU

“Some of the best steak in Cambridge”, says Tab restaurant critic SEBASTIAN SALEK.

University Cracks Down on Exam Celebrations

With post-exam celebrations getting “out of hand”, University officials seek to curb champagne spraying.

Assange “Dishonest” Says Union

Julian Assange jilts the Union in favour of speaking to a conference in Hamburg.

UPDATE: Assange Cancelled

Union and CUSU release opposing statements, while a leaked email suggests there may be more than meets the eye…

CamFM Going for Gold

Cambridge’s student radio station is going for a world record.

Guess Who’s Back?

Julian Assange will be answering questions from Union members later this month.

Cambridge Lads Lacking in Lash

Cambridge has come 51st in a league table. Unsurprisingly, it’s not about academic performance.

Cantabs Take Prince Harry for a Spin

Prince Harry meets The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in a new parody rap by Cambridge students.

Prof Calls for Drug Cheat Crackdown

Students could end up taking doping tests before sitting exams.

Computer Services Short Changed

A new report suggests that the university could be getting more zeros and ones for its money.

Oxford Students on Buttery Boycott

Magdalen is on strike after the governing body imposes a massive charge on students.

Queens’ Bops in a Royal Mess

Social events at Queens’ are on death row once again as the Halloween bop gets out of hand.

Project Piano Scuppered by Thieves

After just a few days, this art project was almost one piano down.

‘New Money Not for Students’ Says Les

The vice-chancellor tells Reuters that the bond issuing will not help reduce tuition fees.

Lembit on the Lash in Lola

Former MP Lembit Opik surveys Cambridge’s nightlife.

Hawks’ and Ospreys’ Charity Ball 2012

Despite the average guest being twice his size, it was a great night out for SEBASTIAN SALEK.

Cambridge gets into Bond-age

For the first time in its history, Cambridge is issuing a financial bond.

Condom Overload for the £9k Freshers

Record numbers of condoms are being issued to this year’s freshers as part of a new CUSU initiative.