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Why we need to reclaim the right to have hair Down There. And not look like a pornstars or babies.

My friend Jack waxed his legs for charity once. People sponsored him to suffer the agony of tearing the hair off of his legs with hot wax.

It sounds like a form of Medieval torture, or else something you’d see in a fetish club. So why is it a charity stunt when Jack did it, but just part of most girls’ standard hygiene routine?

While we’re discussing the lengths women go to look ‘normal’, let’s talk about bikini waxing. Gentlemen, consider this: you know how sensitive everything is down there? Imagine a total stranger smothering that area with burning wax, then ripping it off, taking everything, including the top layer of skin, off with it.

High-maintenance lady-garden…

Crossing your legs in agony yet? Or if you’ve ever had shaving rash, just think  about how that would feel between your legs, chafing every time you moved so it hurts to wear underwear. You don’t get a choice in this, by the way. To refuse to do it is just too disgusting for words.

I’m not blaming men for the obsession our culture has with female epilation – I’m blaming porn. I love porn, but the expectation that all women are going to look like porn-stars is one that we need to eliminate. Porn actresses are fully waxed because that looks better on camera. If you’re having sex with a girl rather than watching a film, how she looks down there makes no difference whatsoever.

Adult women have body hair, it’s what  makes us look different from children (and do you really want to be screwing a child?). The sooner our society can accept this, the sooner millions of women can stop torturing themselves over something that has no bearing on femininity or attractiveness. And I really think we’ll all be happier, more confident people with better sex lives because of it.

  • Exaggeration

    You make an interesting point but the assertion that ABSOLUTELY ALL WOMEN must wax and "don’t get a choice in this" is ridiculous. If we discount other methods of hair removal, I'd estimate that less than half of Cambridge's women wax "down there".

    • Not a Jungle

      A good trim is just fine.

      • This article

        is a bit gash.

  • Everyone

    You really are rather odd, aren't you.

  • meh

    Babes peopke have a right to choose what they prefer for one and for two we dont call shaving our legs and armpits a sign of trying to look prepubescent so hush.

  • homo

    yet another reason to be gay

  • Get Some

    "I love porn". Would never of guessed that based on your article titles of late.

    "To Wax or not to Wax"
    "Get Your Fetish On"
    "Proud To Be Pleasured"
    "Batty Bloke Blows Job"

    • grammar police

      "would never of"?

    • wank & write

      Max out bandwidth.
      Write article

  • Waxer

    Lots of girls (myself included) do it because they prefer it rather than an attempt to please guys.

    • Red blooded man

      I think many guys would prefer getting some form of female pudendum in the first place, irrespective of hair style.

  • Shaven Haven

    Men are more and more expected to shave as well, so where t.f. is the discrimination?!

  • This article

    needs more pictures.

  • Voice of reason

    Yeah, but who wants to shag Chewbacca?

    • Han Solo


  • it's just


  • Bushwhacker

    I like to see what I'm doing when I go down on a girl.

    • Equality

      And do you afford her the same courtesy when she goes down on you?

      • My dick

        is not hairy. A girl will not be coughing up fur balls after she gives me head. The location of men's and women's pubes in relation to what gets, um, licked, is quite different.

        • what?

          If it is I think you're doing it wrong….

          • Grape

            No, I'm pretty sure he's doing it right. Try it.

    • Omnomnom

      Don't worry, practice makes perfect!

  • Out of interest…

    …do you also vajazzle?

  • Average Joe

    I really don't care if it is waxed or not, just that the fine lady has shaved (sensitively) so that the lady garden is a garden, and not some shrub display.

  • I love

    a hairy growler

  • Lsdvsn

    Well imagine writing half an article well then ruining the other half. #metropolis #whitney2012

    • this isn't twitter

      so why the fuck are you hashtagging on the Tab?

    • ArcSoc

      AbKa, this has got to stop.

  • Matty McBroide

    To be honest on that there internet, I dont mind a bit of furry flange. I'm an au naturel kind of fella from donegal. Good article!

  • nodders

    Good article. And good points too. Personally I wouldn't shave armpits and legs either (and often don't bother in winter). But at least for armpits I find it makes a pragmatic difference: less sweating. Can't work out any positives for bikini waxing. And, personally, I prefer porn actresses with some fluff down under. And real breasts.

  • Written for hits

    Wow, a girl talks about her fanny again.

    • A rare thing

      Wow, a man not talking about his penis

  • Employment Agency

    Good luck getting a proffesional job after all these disgusting sex articles you've published online recently…

    • ermmm…

      Have you read Cosmopolitan?

  • sometimes i wank

    six or seven times a day

    • Butterfield

      But remember – you've only got 24 hours! And not a second longer!

    • Great

      Cool story Bower.

      • Insult Generator

        you fecking dullard

    • Chafing

      is an occupational hazard, and provides some variety.

      lube is only allowed to celebrate the weekly half-century.

  • Scansoc

    Rachel, you are obsessed with sex. I dont know if you think it is cool, but you just come across as rather immature. You are an okay writer, I would love to read about something else than sex, porn and dildos!

    • What's Next?

      A beginner's guide to ironing?

  • A wild man appears

    To be fair, I'm a guy and I make sure that I keep my hair in trim as do most of my friends from home and a lot (but noticeably less from Cambridge). So yes, I do know what it's like to have chafage and it's even worse because we have more stuff down there to chafe against! Anyway, I do it because it makes me feel more self confident and I hope it's appreciated by the people who get to see it; I see no difference between this and any other sort of hair removal. Plus if we're gonna get gory, for me as a guy it's nice to be able to go to work down there without worrying about coming out of it with a mouth full of hair!

    • Pool Side etiquette

      The mouth full of hair is the biggest issue for me. I don't mind if a man shaves, as long as he is trimmed. As for women, being a swimmer and preferring higher legged costumes (more flattering on me), I think it would look pretty nasty if I had hair sticking out of it. Bit embarrassing all round. I think what a girl does with it within those boundaries of the underwear/ costume is up to the girl's preference, as long as it is trimmed so that the guy doesn't get a mouthful of hair either.

    • Pool Side etiquette

      That being said, it doesn't have to be through waxing….

  • @jackystevo

    You forget to consider that some men, like me, enjoy waxing 'down there' too.

  • just a thought

    If I took you home and you hadn't waxed, I would leave in disgust.

    • You wouldn't get to

      take me home.

    • Pretty careless

      In that case she'd probably rob you. Maybe consider not leaving your own home in the hands of an irate snubbed near-stranger.

  • Ominous

    Whitney Houston never used to shave her box and look what happened to her – think about it.

  • why

    are all the tab articles so short these days? This was only just getting going! There's no point trying to for an interesting and persuasive argument if the writer is only given a few paragraphs to do it in. It's pointless.

  • Furburgers

    are fuckin nasty

  • it's a shame

    And once again we see Rachel Cunliffe struggling between sex addiction and a sort of vague feminism.

    • Sex Positive

      What's the struggle between sex positivism and feminism? Some decision from on high (some of us missed the memo) that women who care about being equal in society have to deny everything sexual about themselves?

      There's nothing wrong with being a female feminist who doesn't hate sex. And – stranger still – there's nothing immature about being able to say "I love porn" and then rationally talk about sex matters. If we have to point at some group and call them immature about sex, that finger would point to those who are happy to have sex be a huge part of their lives but think it's filthy to talk about it in the open.

      I disagree with the article on one (minor?) point, however. It's not helpful to try to force the conclusion that men (or women) who sexually prefer a lack of body hair feel that way because they sexually prefer children. It isn't true, and a brazen claim that those who don't agree are paedophiles is never a good way to start a dialogue.

      • distinction

        Feminism type 1: Women should be equal with men and are just as good as men.
        Feminism type 2: (i.e. not really feminism at all) I'm a woman. I don't like something. It must be men's fault!

        The author seems to be an advocate of the second…

  • woman

    Surely the point is that all of the men commenting on what they'd prefer a girl to have – you don't get to choose. Our bodies. Our hair. Our wish not to rip it out in excruciating pain. Not yours.

    • Groomed

      Many men shave facial hair, trim the more private areas and spend hours in the gym trying to get a more 'buff' physique in order to appeal to and enhance the pleasure of the women that they are, or potentially will be, in a relationship with- many women don't want to have sex with a fat hairy man (surprisingly).

      Equally many women wax and diet for the same reasons as many men don't fancy having sex with a fat girl with a jungle growing between her legs.

      Equally taking care over your physique and being well groomed makes you feel good in yourself- everyone likes to feel sexy and there is nothing theoretically wrong with this (the only problems are when people are forced against their will into danerously altering their bodies)

    • man

      Absolutely true. But we do get to choose whether to sleep with you or not. This isn't to say that anyone "should" shave but rather that sex involves TWO bodies and TWO people's autonomous choice of what they'd like to do with them. Personally, I don't mind whether a girl waxes or not, but it does matter if no attempt's made to keep it under control at all. Saying I don't want to sleep with a woman with an incredibly hairy vagina is no different to my saying that I don't want to sleep with a girl with blonde hair, or whose personality I take offence to.

      (And by the way: Yes. I keep my own pubic hair well under control.)

  • Mr.Mm

    I wish the author would stick her fingers together with all that wax so she can't type any more.

  • Christian

    This piece is hopelessly naive. Plenty of women wax because it enhances their sexual pleasure, because it's more hygienic for them (i.e. people who can't use tampons and don't enjoy that period-blood-dried-in-pubes feeling) or just because they, personally, find it sexy. I think it's pretty offensive to suggest to all these women that what they're doing is wrong. I'm a feminist, and ridiculous man-blaming crap like this is what gives us a bad name.

    • hungry

      shouldn't you get back to cooking me a free meal and then trying to convert me afterwards?

      • Christian

        ask my parents.

  • Logic Friend

    Fine points, worth being considered, but not one thing in this article is new, or even presented in a particularly fresh or novel way.

    – Porn negatively affects standards relating to the female body. Check.
    – Shaved genitalia looks worrying pre-pubsecent. Check.
    – Men fail to appreciate or mirror the lengths women go to make themselves attractive to the opposite sex. Check (also, not true).

    Makes me wonder what the point of the article was other than to rehash some familiar feminist rallying cries.

  • Gonzo

    I wax in accordance with the teachings of Mr.Miyagi.

  • A male man

    I don't have a problem with hair. I prefer it to be kept neat and tidy (and that's how I keep mine), but if it isn't it really isn't the end of the world.

    I also find lack of hair sexy. This has nothing to do with children. Allow me to explain.
    I don't associate a hairless vagina with pre-pubescence, simply because when I was pre-pubescent, I wasn't looking at the vaginas of my peers. I'm aware that that's what they're like, but that isn't a connection I make.
    In fact, quite the contrary. I find it sexy because, aside from sparing me from hairs in my mouth, and the general neat appearance, I associate hairlessness there with sexual experience. I know it isn't always true (as someone said here, some do it for hygiene etc.), but generally a woman who waxes will be more sexually liberated, and will know what she wants and likes. It isn't just the fact that they're hairless, it's the fact that they had hair but removed it for sexual reasons. No children do that, because no children can do that.

    Also porn has nothing to do with it for me. If porn was such an influence, I'd also like massive fake tits (I hate them), aggressively fake orgasms (ditto) and the feeling of my balls slapping against those of another gentleman while we share a ladypartner (while I haven't experienced this, I am not keen to).

    Waxed is just nicer.

    • woman lady

      'Generally a woman who waxes will be more sexually liberated'? Sorry, but making massive generalisations like that just makes no sense whatsoever. Unless, of course, you've done a sex survey on waxed/unwaxed women and rated them out of ten for how 'sexually liberated' they are. Maybe you have, but I highly doubt it. And as for hygiene, I kind of see your point (crabs, anyone?), but having pubic doesn't stop you from washing yourself, or protecting yourself from STIs (like crabs). Obviously it's fine to prefer waxed or unwaxed, but I just think you might like to check some of your generalisations.

      • Christian

        the hygiene point was mine, I was referring to ladies who can't, for whatever reason, use tampons and don't like blood-matted pubes. While obviously you can wash that, it's still pretty unpleasant.

        • Atheist

          Waxing isn't the only way… tried trimming?

      • A Male Man

        Sorry I was unclear, I'm aware that it's a generalisation, but my sexual preferences aren't scientifically justified, it's just am impression I've got, based on personal experience. Whether it makes sense or not, my point is just that it has nothing to do with paedophilia or porn

    • Sexy hairy

      I couldn't agree more with woman lady, although I actually think that the opposite is more likely to be true. It's a shame because I really appreciated your comment until that line ("generally a woman who waxes will be more sexually liberated, and will know what she wants and likes"). Like probably a lot of girls, I shaved all my pubes off at around 11 years old, because I thought I was supposed to. Since then, I've obviously become a lot more sexually liberated and know a lot more about what I want and like. Now this is a similar sweeping statement, but personally I think those girls who still wax are doing so because they think that's what they're expected to do, and really have no idea what they prefer.

      • Then

        …you were a weird 11-year-old. I certainly didn't shave mine off.

        • Than

          My experience agrees. I hadn't seen any kind of pruning until I got here. It makes sense to associate it with sexual maturity – you're thinking about the way it looks/feels. I have no idea where this idea that it's 'supposed' to be removedd comes from. I never expect it, I'm just mildly pleasantly surprised when it turns out to be the case.

  • I Just

    don't like getting pubes in my teeth.

  • Ruth Nicholls


  • If Oral

    Sex didn't exist then it would be fair to say that it doesn't matter as you're not going to see down there. But it does and no one wants to return from down-under with a furball in their mouth.

    • To be honest

      If you're getting that much hair in your mouth YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

  • Jamie Crawford

    9/10 because of picture

  • Vermin Longtooth

    There's nothing better than a clean shaven rat. I can pretend its one of my newborn brothers or sisters and rag the living shit out of it.

    That's Vermin's view.

  • LOTR enthusiast

    So what you're saying is that your pubic hair grows wild like the Forest of Fangorn? It would appear that one must avoid your Gap of Rohan…

  • Women

    have been waxing for centuries.

    • Greek woman

      And the ancient Greeks used to singe their pubic hair off with fire or red hot metal… so really, it could be a lot worse!

  • Anyone who's had sex

    "Gentlemen, consider this: you know how sensitive everything is down there?"

    No shit, thanks for the fucking insight

  • Jamie Crawford

    (e^2 – pi)/10

  • Exotic

    There's also the case that waxing can be a cultural thing. If you live somewhere warm, it's likely that as a teenager a significant portion of your summers (at least) will be spent on beaches. Shaving has to be done constantly and doesn't really work, so girls end up waxing so they don't have to fret about the furry-monster effect happening.

    Get over yourself, waxing can't be labelled as an objectively negative thing.

  • Satisfaction

    I just got a Brazilian for V-Day and spent it bitching about how stupid your article is with the beautician.

    • Logic

      Because the beautician being paid to do your brazilian clearly has no bias when it comes to whether or not you choose wax.

      • Satisfaction

        Didn't really give a fuck what the beautician had to say, just enjoyed actively disproving Cunliffe's stupid points.

    • Satisfied

      Thought so

  • Rick Waller

    Just curious, do you expect me to shave my arse crack?

  • appropriate?
  • Pyro

    Mmph mmph mmmmph!

  • Mr.Mm

    Wow! Looks like bush is getting more comments than Obama…

  • jamie crawford

    10/10 article