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Man charged on Corpus Silver theft reveals remaining items have been melted down.

Almost all of the Silver stolen from the Corpus chapel earlier this month has been melted down, a Cambridge Court was told on Friday. 

Of the £11,596 of silver stolen police were only able to recover £956 worth, the Ciborium, the Everyday Paten, and the Sunday (Knight) Paten, as reported in The Tab last week.

However, in the trial of the man charged with taking the precious items it was revealed that the remaining £10,640 is believed to have been melted down.

The news will come as a huge blow to the college, who described the items as “irreplaceable”.

The accused man, 37 year old Scott Thomas, appeared by video link from Peterborough prison where he is being remanded in custody, to plead guilty to multiple counts of theft.

Magistrates told Scott Thomas that, considering the ‘high value’ of the items, he needed ‘to be dealt with by the crown court’ rather than in the magistrates court where the maximum sentence would have been 12 months in prison.

Thomas was also charged with the theft of thousands of pounds worth of bicycles from around Cambridge, including those taken from Clare College, Sidgwick Site and St Edmunds. Thomas admitted stealing Professor Simon Keynes’ £450 bike in August 2011.

He was caught earlier this month when a local antiques dealer alerted police after being offered the goods by Thomas, who claimed to have found the distinctive silverware whilst ‘clearing out some items’. Thomas was asking for £100 for the goods, but accepted £30.

  • Not even from Corpus

    What. A. Cunt.

    • Concerned student

      I agree with this. Such a 99% thing to do.

  • on the plus side

    that's another bit of Voldemort's soul destroyed

  • Puritan

    Despair is hope stark dead, presumption is hope stark mad.

  • CCTV

    So we're being shown a still from a CCTV camera recording, which presumably helps to physically identify the guy (though I know that's not how they actually figured it was him) but…we still dont' know who the bloody 'rapist' is and we have a long recording of him just cycling about casually, and an e-fit…

    • Tony B. Liar

      It's political correctness gone mad

  • Precision?

    How the fuck do you value such items to 5 significant figures? What the fuck?


      Probably the price of the melted silver.

      • irrelevant

        in which case that's hardly the value of the objects which were stolen. Either way, bad reporting

        • :((

          So you want the sentence to read "it was revealed that the remaining PRICELESS is believed to have been melted down."? You fucking idiot.

          • irrelevant

            not much fucking point telling us the incorrect value is there? how did you get into cambridge.

  • Bob

    Why is this in American English?

    • Steve

      The author.. *gasp* might be American?!

      • Nick

        Deport her.

        • The Tab Aberdeen

          The Tab does not agree with such stereotyping of its writers.

  • Chris

    That is quite blatant theft of something I have seen on FB recently from an Aberdonian comedian. At least credit the poor sod.

  • Batwing

    u thievers pinched at fae my wee pal wray!!!

  • jenk

    totally agree with Chris… this is a stolen idea from fbook! ridiculous!!