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Yusuf Khan
Editor of The Tab Cardiff

Cardiff History and Economics Student

The Cardiff Uni Mens Rugby Team have donated over 50 pints of blood to the Welsh blood service

They’re hoping to encourage other teams and societies to do the same

BREAKING: Cardiff lecturers will continue to strike as Cardiff UCU rejects UUK’s offer

They’re now trying to lobby the Welsh Government for help

Cardiff student abused by Vegan activists for eating egg sandwich as she was on the way to volunteer at a refugee camp

They said she had no humanity

New figures show one Vice-Chancellor is earning £800k, see where yours ranks

On average there was a four per cent increase in pay

Cardiff Students’ Union are not supporting the lecturer strikes

“As a Students’ Union we have to put the interests of our student members first”

There is a concert tonight at the SU all in aid of refugees and asylum seekers

All money raised goes directly to local projects in Cardiff

Dates confirmed as Cardiff University lecturers walk out on strikes later this month

Cheers, didn’t need my education anyways

These are the best universities for graduate salaries

Holla at all that dollar

There’s going to be a quiz entirely dedicated to Friends in Cardiff

Good job it’s all on Netflix now amirite?

Cardiff Uni has been rated one of the top ten most beautiful universities in the UK

Peng af

A round-up of all the crazy incidents that occurred in Cardiff in 2017

The police appear one too many times in this list

Police and sniffer dogs were searching Taly halls today

Students’ rooms have been searched

We tested every portion of cheesy chips in Cathays to tell you which is the best

Our diet only includes items that are yellow

I’m not sure how but pints at The Taf are even cheaper

There is a God

A coffee shop has opened in the ASSL

It’s got baristas and everything

It’s official, we’ve lost it: Cardiff is the most stressed city in the UK

*Screams internally*

The Australian rugby team were in Cardiff Uni’s gym and no one noticed

Gainz but tanned

Uh oh, Cardiff Men’s football team are banned from the SU as well

Another one bites the dust

The SU want to open an extra room at the Lash with offers on VKs

They’re letting you vote to make this happen

Cardiff University has warned societies not to hold white t-shirt socials after scandals over offensive messages

They’ve said that they’ll punish a whole group if one person has something offensive on their t-shirt

Btw here’s what your Cardiff takeaway choice says about you

None of this is made up