Will Langston
Will Langston
Deputy Editor of The Tab Edinburgh

Stop moaning about snowy Edinburgh, it’s the best thing ever

Yes, I do want to build a snowman

Channel 4 are looking for applicants from Edinburgh to be on Come Dine With Me

Tag your mate who everyone would hate

We went Trick or Treating at Pollock Halls, and this is how it went down

“I can shit in the bag if you want me to”

We asked Edinburgh students what’s the maddest thing they’ve spent their student loan on

Having your own ball pit sounds pretty good tbf

All hail the pre-drinks DJ: The person controlling the music and vibes at pres

They’ll never queue your song requests

If you’re dressing up as any of these on Halloween, you’re not being creative enough

Back to the drawing board

These are the very best club smoking areas of Edinburgh

An evening spent on the stairs outside The Mash House is never a dull one

New pop-up horror bar set up at abandoned Edinburgh medical facility

Happy Halloween

Meet the mice of Edinburgh: the rodents who befriended the people they lived with

Why kill them when you could be friends with them?

The Ultimate Edinburgh Student Cookbook: a collection of the worst meals made by students

You won’t believe some of the shit people have eaten at Uni

What your dedication to a fancy dress night out says about your general vibe

Just wear a bed sheet and be done with it

What your bag of preference says about your general vibe

Briefcase Wanker

The definitive list of all the people you met in Freshers’ Week

Joe, mate!

What your choice of soft drink says about your general vibe

Never trust the person drinking Vimto

Why is it you only find these odd things in a student house, but literally nowhere else?

Normal houses don’t have a Sports Direct mug

Can we guess how middle class you are based on the clothes in your wardrobe?

M&S is actually alright

Nottingham hit the top 20 in the Good University Guide whilst Trent tumble

Twenty courses at the Nottingham were ranked in the top ten

These are the unis where you’re most likely to get a first or a 2:1

Sorry Bedfordshire

Edinburgh slip down the Good University Guide rankings whilst St. Andrews make the top 3

But at least we’ve still got Cowgate

The Pear Tree has finally reopened and is now serving food

It has been well worth the wait