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Girls tell us the 19 weirdest things guys have done straight after sex

If number 3 happens to me I’m going celibate

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Bristol’s Best Bums 2017: THE BOYS

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Bristol’s Best Bums 2017: THE GIRLS

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How to finger a girl properly, by disappointed girls

For God’s sake don’t just start poking around down there

We love you Rutgers, but please can you fix the buses?

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Castle football teams have been banned from playing for the rest of the year

…due to initiation misconduct

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These DURFC lads mean business

How to blag a seminar when you haven’t done the reading

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All the details on the relaunch of Freak Out

New year, new location

UF campus closed through Monday due to Hurricane Irma


Summer isn’t over: These are the only festivals worth going to this year

Imagine if they’re all a washout like SGP